Saturday, November 14, 2015

Models prefer nudes eye shadow collection matte and shimmer first impression and swatches

Hi lovelies, today I'm doing a first impressions on an eye shadow palette I picked up at Priceline yesterday when I was in the city with a friend, heading into Taste of Melbourne. We spent a glorious sunny day eating, shopping and having a fantastic girly day out together. But here are my first thoughts on the Models prefer Eye shadows palette the nudes collection.

We went to three Pricelines whilst in the city, seeing as they were actually all in the areas we were shopping we just stopped in because they were either out of stock of something, or had different stock of other things.

 So I picked up this eye shadow palette  because Priceline had it on sale from $16, down to $12 and I knew these were a limited edition of Model prefer. I was deciding between other palettes but decided this one would suit me best because it has half matte shades and half shimmer shades, so you get 12 of each. Which is a nice idea because I don't think there are other palettes in this price point with the same theme.
 I was actually impressed that it came with an actual decent dual ended brush, most of the time its the crappy foam applicator brush that I generally don't use. Not sure if they are trying to copy Urban decay a little bit here, but either way I'm impressed. The tin also is rather sturdy as well, not flimsy cardboard like most cheap palettes I've seen. And lo and behold it actually has a mirror! and a good one at that! enough with the obvious Jess, get onto the swatches and thoughts about the actual shadows.
 So I was swatching away and thought wow these are actually pretty nice, they feel buttery, smooth and the shimmer one's aren't that powdery at all, they are also actually very pigmented, this top arm swatch is the shimmer and its just one swipe of each colour.

The mattes actually disappointed me a little! some colours seem to work out better than others like with most shades ranging from light to dark. However I'm happy with the quality and it should work better either wet or with a primer. Not bad Models prefer, not bad at all!

have you tried anything from Models prefer?

hugs Jess

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