Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Silent illnesses and being a burden. A chatty update.

Hi lovelies, today I thought I'd share with you some thoughts I've had on my health and what not, this week has been hard. I must admit, I've come to the realization that my body is not perfect, not that I ever thought it was but it seem's that with its knocks, hard work and so on, its catching up on me. I'm only 31 years old, but I've been diagnosed with lymphoedema. I was 14 when I had feet reconstruction in both feet, because they were turned in and had other complications as well, the side effect of that operation is now known to me. Chronic pain, severe swelling to the point I can't walk some days

But I press on, on days I can, I push forward and then almost regret it like I do now, feeling sorry for myself. I know there are others who are a lot worse off. But I wanted to raise awareness, and know for myself I still can do something. Silent illnesses are a burden but not all is bleak!

I am enrolling in school again and was quite taken with the building that I'll be attending to next year if all goes well.

I'm also trying to be more healthy with my diet as of late, and am eating more fruit, fruit smoothies, and salads I've been eating less meat, rarely eat meat these days except if I'm really craving it

I've also had some interesting updates from my doctors, being diagnosed with Chronic pain syndrome, and are trying to develop an action plan for me so I can deal with things better and not let things get on top of me, self care is so important to everyone! this is what I'm learning about, I need to remember its ok to rest, to take a painkiller if needed, and not feel guilty about doing so.

On a happier note, I'll be catching up with my good instagram friend Mel, and we will be in the city for some girl time, shopping and Christmas shopping.

Anyways guys and gals that's my life's update for now! I do hope yours is going as well as it can or wonderfully!

Let me know how you are doing in the comments below!

lots of love,


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