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Hello all! today I'm showing you my thoughts on some beloved foundations that are in my collection and why they are in my top 10. This is the ultimate foundation review and swatch fest for those of you with fair skin and want to know more about undertones and what might be right for you in terms of drugstore foundations. These I have purchased over time, and use often! some I've been having more of a love affair with than others and some I use more for certain occasions and for different reasons. Admittedly some I purchased due to the hype over instagram or youtube but thankfully it worked out for me as some sadly lay in the forgotten drawer and collect dust.

So first cab off the rank is Maybelline fit me Shine free, stick foundation in the shade ivory
and Face of Australia hd stick foundation both in the shade ivory.

The face of Australia is swatched on top and the maybelline fit me is swatched bottom on my wrist, as you can tell I'm very pale. I don't tan, I burn, peel and go white again so this is a problem with most drugstore foundations being pink toned. As you can see the Face Of Australia one is actually yellow toned based which is perfect. I use these both, The foa one is more full coverage, meaning you only need to use a little to get a good coverage however I do set this with powder due to the kaolin clay in it and the spf. The Maybelline fit me one is great for every day use and I can also double it up as a highlighter or concealer. I apply both with a foundation brush for maximum coverage, the foa is a natural yet slightly dewy finish but not shiny. For me the Foa one wins due to price, and coverage but Maybelline is also good as it has different usages.

Our next two foundations are both liquid, and are the Elf flawless finish foundation, and covergirl tru blend in Elf shade Porcelain and covergirl in Ivory. Swatched on my wrist the covergirl is left, the elf is right. Elf is actually more pink toned then what I would like for myself. I prefer a more yellow tone to even out my complexion but it can be corrected with concealer or a powder. So it is still useable. I purchased this off for $6 so its an affordable foundation Not one of my every day go to's however every now and again I'll remember it and rock it out. Covergirl Trublend foundation is a fantastic, light weight, and also a liquid based foundation. Lighter in tone, I believe its more yellow tone by looking at it. Wears well throughout the day and I've had a long love affair with it as the bottle is half finished.

Two more Covergirl foundations going head to head, my ultimate everyday foundation is the Covergirl ready set gorgeous in which I also have the matching concealor. I am in the shade 105, classic ivory. It lasts all day, doesn't look cakey, and is the perfect in between tone. So a bit pink and a bit yellow. Covergirl outlast stay fabulous is the 3 in 1 bottle that claims to do miraculous things, I purchased due to its hype, its a decent foundation, one that I do wear every other day. It's swatched on top and the ready set gorgeous is swatched on bottom.

Now onto some Rimmel products! I acutlly prefer most Rimmel foundations to any other brands at the drugstore. They generally work out best for me colour matching wise, and are a good range of coverage available to suit different needs. I'm in love with the stay matte one pictured on the left, as with the swatch being on top, the Rimmel bb cream is a new favourite of mine, and is in the shade light. I wear this on days such as school or work where I want to look polished but not too cakey. The stay matte is in the shade Ivory. I love Rimmel because they focus I believe more on yellow based foundations.

Now these two are a little bit different, the Maybelline mate and poreless one I first bought and hated because at the time it was the wrong colour for me, however now its the correct colour as I've slightly darkened as I was as white as a ghost in winter when I purchased it. The w7 foundation is a good favourite and is comparible to the Rimmel stay matte foundation in colour and finish. Both being more yellow in undertone.

So there you have it, 10 swatches, 10 impressions, what are your favourites? would love to know! leave me a comment down below!

hugs Jess

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  1. This is a really handy post, I have such pale skin and usually trying to find a drugstore match is a nightmare!


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