Thursday, December 31, 2015

how to get the best deal on Netflix and similar streaming services to save money

Hi loves! today I have an exciting post, about saving money on Netflix, or any streaming services you are subscribed too. I've had netflix for approx 8 months now and I do have to say I'm addicted to it even if its not as good s the American version. I don't watch much normal television, but subscribing to premium services like these, can get expensive! let me share my tips with you on how to save your dollars! it is the near year after all. 

1. Look for deals
Deals are often found at the beginning of the year or the middle of the year, these sales often start off with a bang, I originally got my netflix for free when I signed up with Optus, saving me $12 a month which was great as I didn't know if I'd like it or not. 

2. Try the before you buy option
Sometimes you might not like what they have to offer, so far I've tried stan, and netflix and prefer netflix, it just depends on what works for you, whether it has enough diversity. I love netflix because it has doco's, comedy, and drama.

3. Research what offer is best
Netflix has many offers, I chose the $11 a month one because I didn't need the ultra hd service as I don't have a compatible laptop etc to watch on it anyways, and I only wanted to stream it on two things such as my tablet, laptop or television. 

4. Free to air websites 
These are free and require you only go have your internet connected! it means you can find similar shows, I love abc dramas! and their cop shows are pretty good to, you can catch up anytime and still not pay a cent!

let me know if these tips have helped you! also what service do you have?

Happy new year! 


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