Wednesday, December 30, 2015

how we spend Summer!

Hi loves! today I had a day at the pool, thanks to my bestie as she's gone on vacation and let me loose at her place, well not really, but she did give me permission to use her pool! and so I did! we are having a heatwave currently and I tell you the water was such a relief.

My hubby took this photo and I love how it turned out! mind you I'm white as a lilly! I basically burn as soon as I'm in the sun, but the hat and one piece are from Kmart, from a few years ago.

Her dog, Rusty is a clever boy! he was taught to use the pool so they wouldn't have to be as worried by him, he was originally very water shy!

staying hydrated is always important! Kirks creamy soda and mineral water,

Any suggestions for some self tanning products I could look into? as you can see I'm as white as they get! don't want to look orange though!

only one more sleep until New years eve! how was your day today? you can catch my vlog here about our day at the pool.

chillin by the pool Summer vlog

Hugs Jess


  1. Looks like my kind of day!!!! My fave self tanner is the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tanning mousse. It is a UK based company that I just LOVE! It doesn't streak and looks very natural. Or at least it does on me. But loads of bloggers and you tubers love the brand so check them out!

  2. oh dear, in Moscow so cold)) Happy you are))

  3. it has certainly been hot and feeling like summer here in america. happy 2016 to you!


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