Monday, December 21, 2015

Model co lash and line

I love winning, we all do right? I especially love winning makeup items, and Modelco held a competition through the year and I was able to win their Lash and line liquid eye liner, mascara two in one product.  As you can work out this is a multitasking product! a two for one kinda thing which I love!

It has a end of the eye liner and one for the mascara, both formulas are amazing, I especially love the liquid eye liner as the formula isn't too thick, runny, or goopy. It glides on the eye lid without smudging, dragging, or streaking where you don't want it too, and the nib is fine enough to get precise lines and flicks. You really get a versatile brush for the eye liner here! very easy to control and hold with the short handle.

The formula is jet black, doesn't go grey and dries to a nice matte finish which I'm very appreciative in my liner. The mascara is also good, doesn't dry crunchy, doesn't flake but doesn't do a whole lot else for me, it gives me length, just not volume.

This is one product where I feel like I can actually create a wing! maybe not as sharp to kill a man, however but still a wing.

Have you tried this? what are your thoughts?

hugs Jess

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