Tuesday, December 22, 2015

one of the best blushes from 2015 Essence Blush up Heat wave

Hi guys! I seem to be on a roll finally with my blog posts as of late! so that's exciting! I'm getting excited about beauty products again. So this one is a thrill to me, I was late on the bandwagon of actually getting these blushes and got them when Essence had a clearance sale on them, so I fear they may be being discontinued. I have no idea why, or what's happened to the usual Jess, however I've become a huge sucker for blush! especially if they are as pretty as this one!

 Essence I believe is being unique in the drugstore world because not many companies that aren't high end have brought out ombre products such as these. I feel they did a really nice job on getting the colours right for each other, colour placement is important in an ombre! There are two different colours in this blush, that fade into each other really well. A true orange, and a very vibrant pink, so I find these blushes really good value.

I haven't had any issues with this blush, its extremely smooth, pigmented, and blends out super well, and best of all it doesn't feel chalky. I find the staying power of this blush lasts most of the day, and looks really sweet on my fair complexion. I only dab a little on, because I don't want to look clownish!
have you used these blushes yet? I do have the pink one and love it too! let me know your favourite blush of 2015.

Blush favourites!

hugs Jess

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