Sunday, December 20, 2015

what to expect when beauty blogging

Hi my loves! I took a random break just because my laptop went haywire because of this blasted heatwave we had to endure. Summer is here, Christmas is around the corner and I'm trying to keep up with everything in between. However today's topic is about, what to expect when you start beauty blogging! I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and whilst I'm by no means a huge, popular blog by any means, I do believe in sharing products I love and or don't love.

01. Most bloggers are actually very unable to make choices without browsing their favourite blogs first. I however actually look at blogs after I have purchased a product if at random, unless I'm really unsure then I'll look at swatches and reviews and it helps me to make up my mind.

02. You'll spend so much time looking at your blog, hating the layout, tweaking it, then hating it some more and changing it all together.

03. If you are like me and live in Australia you'll get season envy, we are in Summer, and most are in Winter, showcasing their love of candles, Pumpkin spiced lattes and so on.

04. You will forever be searching for new items, its now become a habit of mine and maybe a bit of an obsession, I have half finished bottles and products everywhere.
05. You will want to change your blog url a thousand and one times haha if only we could do that in real life with our names

so guys and gals there are some things of what to expect! If you are new to blogging let me know! or even if you are a veteran of sorts!

hugs JESS

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