Monday, March 30, 2015

March favourites pore eraser, liquid bronzer, matte black eye shadow and more!

Hello lovelies today I thought I'd share with you my March favourites before it heads into April!!
I went shopping in my drawers again recently and found my love again of this product! I haven't used it in ages but have been using it a good deal lately. It's great for my dry skin.

I love wearing this lipgloss over lipstick just to give it a little something, its by profusions and their fast becoming one of my favourite brands.

I love a good matte black eye shadow and this one is pretty decent, by Essence and the shade is popeye.

I've been whipping this baby out a lot as of late because its just that nice pink shade that gives a bit of something like you have put effort in, without trying, Essence lipstick in barely there.

When I am wanting something a bit different this one is perfect, especially now us Aussies are in Autumn, the shade is Plum perfect.

Designer brands is also fast becoming my top favourite brands at the moment, they are cruelty free, vegan friendly and this little tube of fabulousness is amazing.

So these were my make up March favourites, what have yours been?
hugs Jess

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My day in pictures friends 19th birthday party

Hello all! today I'm showing you a day in pictures, I was invited to my girlfriends 19th birthday party and it was a lot of fun. I also have a vlog uploading so once its uploaded I will insert the link for you as well.

link to vlog

 This is me and the birthday girl Iluka, she's so lovely.
 me, Sally and Bree,

 Stuffing my face with all the food lols
 mmm more nom noms
 home made pumpkin soup
 home made cheesecake
    lots of the food lol

And for some reason we found a bike up a tree and I'm like what the lol

This is the link to the vlog of the birthday party, much hilarity was had!

Friday, March 27, 2015

q&a get to know me

Hello lovelies I thought I would do a q&a type thing on the blog today because I'm sick and didn't have anything else planned.

This is me chilling out in my jammies
 And this is what I'll be eating for my lunch and dinner today, home cooked chicken and corn soup.

So onto the questions
Who am I? I am Jess, I'm 30 years old and I love tea and coffee (don't ask me to choose between cause I can't)

What is my job?
I currently work as a retail assistant in a charity shop, or thrift shop and I love it, its so much fun. I love interacting with the customers. And seeing what donations come in. I also do a bit of wildlife caring but I don't get paid for that as its voluntary and all out of my own pocket so the retail work is my day job. But animals are my passion.
This is my parrot Jimmy he is preening me, and we rescued him and I am giving him rehab by training him to be more social and friendly. I am also able to hand rear animals, and care for animals by giving them triage care and things like that.

What else do you do?
I'm a student, I've gone back to do my highschool degree, as I dropped out when I was young and dumb. Now I'm just dumb (joking) but no you are never to old to try and complete anything that you set your mind to.

What music do I like?
Currently I'm going through a phase where I really like rock or heavy metal, lol its quite strange as normally my taste in music is vast and varied. Favourite bands at the moment are Black Veiled brides, Taylor Momsen, Things of that nature, I don't overly enjoy heavy hard core scream bands but I do like alternative and metal. Some other faves are Metalica and Placebo. I also like Sound garden, Pearl Jam and Gun's n Roses. But I also like pop and dance music as well.

What is my favourite foods?
At the moment cause I'm trying to be healthy I'm eating a lot of soups and salads, taco's are also on the menu at home a lot but if I'm treating myself pizza is my all time favourite. I am also addicted to coffee, we recently bought a pod coffee maker and it makes the most delish coffee, and best of all it does tea as well. Coffee is food right?

Favourite animal?
I believe my spirit animal is a fox, they are my favourite wild animal even though here in Australia they are deemed as a pest and should be culled. Which I think is truly sad as they are such a magnificent animal. I know not a lot of people agree with me but I love them. Domestic favourite animals are cats! funny saying that considering I have pet birds but they come second after cats.

This is Krissy and she is mah baby!

anyways I hope you enjoyed my rather random q&a thing don't forget to find me on youtube and instagram 

and instagram

please comment and share and I'll see you next time! 
hugs Jess

Thursday, March 26, 2015

wildlife owls, frogs, monitor lizards, snakes and more! Australian native zoo keeper day

Hello lovelies I had a different kind of school day yesterday where they had brought out some animals for us to see so I was able to get up, close and personal. It was a very cool session, they had reptiles, snakes and an owl. I love getting to be with any kind of animal and as some of you know, animals are my life.

So yesterday I got to hang out with an owl! 

its not the clearest of pics I think thanks to the lighting but it was still fun photobombing with an owl!!

They started out with this little frog, he is so pretty with his green and gold colouring, apparently he is a very rare type of frog. A golden tree frog is his species. I thought he was so cute looking out at us like that. The presenter was a son of the teacher we have at school so we were very lucky indeed to have him come, otherwise it costs a lot of money to have these talks.

This is a lace monitor and his name was Rippley, he was so cool and calm and really loved to be touched and petted by the students. I love these kinds of reptiles so it was awesome seeing something so unique.

This is a little turtle that they are breeding up in captivity because they are in very low numbers currently, he was holding him like that because underneath the belly is very soft and absorbs anything and he'd become sick if he touched things that he wasn't meant to touch.

This snake was really cool though I did forget his name, I think he was a python though and I love his patterns and stripes on him and he seemed so chilled out.

This little girl is a brush tailed possum and she is special because she actually breeds albino possums! her name is Hush and the keeper is really super attached to her as she is one of his favourites, I can see why because she is super cute.

This is a baby crocodile he has and he loves being held like a baby! how cute is that?

he has a bigger crock named 000 because he has huge teeth its why I'm showing the teeth up close here on this little guy. 

I adored seeing the owl as they are one of my most beloved birds of pray, she is a Barn owl and she was just lovely to look at.

So that folks was my day at class yesterday, I just adore anything and everything to do with animals, no matter what their size. What are your favourite animals? would love to know!! comment below.

Hugs Jess

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Face of Australia lipsticks Pink champagne, Peaches and cream, and Malibu barbie swatches

Hello lovelies! seeing as it looks like I have my blogging mojo back for now I thought that I would write a little post about three lipsticks that I have been having a bit of a love affair with.
The lipsticks are all different varied shades of pinks which is quite different from what I normally have been going for. But I did pick them up for a steal at Kmart as Kmart was clearing foa for the past few weeks. I picked up these lovelies for $4 each. 

The shades are Pink champagne, Peaches and cream, and Malibu Barbie. I'm actually hoping to go back and get Lychee. 

These lipsticks are the most hydrating and pigmented that I have tried in a long, long time!! 

here are swatches 
One closer up so you can see how pigmented and creamy they are and hopefully appreciate the texture these lipsticks do actually have.
From top to bottom 
Pink Champagne 
Peaches and cream
Malibu Barbie

I thought I'd show swatches on how they actually wore on the lips as well. They are incredibly hydrating. 

Again Pink Champagne
 Peaches and Cream
 and Malibu Barbie
Surprisingly out of the three Pink champagne is my favourite!  I thought for sure that Malibu Barbie would have been because I love cooler toned, hot pink lipsticks. However for some reason this Pink Champagne has really grabbed at my heart strings and if I see another one at kmart I'm going to grab one! 

have you been using any of these foa lipsticks? any other shades? would love to hear from you! 
hugs Jess

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

changing things up fashion change

Hi guys so far this week has been rather up and down but with my change in hair colour I have been looking into changes with fashion also.

I'm kinda getting into the gothy side of things as of late, rather more the Romantic goth side of things, and its been fun looking and playing with different looks that fit my mood.

 From my casual school outfit from earlier today that I wore, my slouchy over sized knit jumper,

To chic black and texture which I'm just loving at the moment! I love layering and texture and anything that gives oomph too an outfit. 

I'm actually hanging out with my mum tonight and she loves my new style and hair! so I love changing things up. What have you done that is different lately? would love to know! comment below!!

hugs Jess

Sunday, March 22, 2015

w7 In the buff and w7 in the nude dupes for urban decay naked eye shadow pallet swatches and first impressions

Hello my lovelies! I have accidentally been away again, but I have been purchasing things makeup wise but after this I'm officially on a make up spending ban! not sure for how long but I think I'm going to try for a month, so this is officially my first day. I'll blog about how I'm feeling along my spending ban.

But last night I went to the Chemist Wharehouse cause I had to pick up some vitamins and low and behold they had some eye shadow pallets I had been lusting after. At $10 a piece these are a steal and they are an exact dupe for the urban decay naked pallets, or so I've read. I don't actually own any of those.

But lets show off these beauties shall we? I could not decide which one to get, (of course, its the Libran in me) so I decided to get both. I also will be doing a video review on them soon as so far I have only swatched them, by the swatches they are very pigmented. I think for $10 you get 12 shades in each, they are very good value!.

The packaging is quite cute being in a tin, you also get a cute double ended brush which I thought was a nice detail instead of just the crappy sponge applicator. It made it feel more substantial. I do wish there was a mirror in the packaging though. But the packaging is sturdy and the eye shadows feel safe. It doesn't feel cheap.

Now onto the swatches

This is swatches of W7 In the buff, these were very smooth, hardly any fall out and very buttery. I liked this one better than in the nude for some reason. We will see how they apply on the eyes this week though.

This was swatches of W7 in the nude, and I just found them not as pigmented as the in the buff but maybe with a primer it will help on the eyes. Either way I'm glad I got them because for $10, you get 12 shades that are very popular and in demand at the moment and these two eye shadow pallets are very hard to find! so I was stoked to find them without even trying. 

Have you seen these before? used them? what are your thoughts? comment below!
hugs Jess

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I dyed my hair purple!

Hi lovelies and I know, I know I have been gone way too long,  but again life has gotten in the way and I have been uninspired to write. I just haven't been in the mood and haven't had anything exciting to write about. Until today! I dyed my hair purple! yup. I've been wanting to do it for ages and so I dived in head first and did it.

I went from black, to bright purple and I adore it!

I have a video on it too that I'll give you guys the link for too.

I call it my unicorn hair and I just adore it! I was so praying it wasn't going to turn out to be a total flop lol

have you guys done anything crazy like that? do you like the colour? I'm also on instagram where I post photos every day so don't miss a thing! @jessicacookbirds

hugs Jess

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