Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Profusions pigmented and buttery eye shadows in emerald cruelty free

Hello lovelies today I have a first impressions of a profusions eye shadow palette that I have for you! the shade is emerald and it is stunning! in the pan it looks pigmented. And the swatches I'm about to show you do not disappoint.

The packaging is a tad cheap looking but I think from memory I paid less than $4 from the reject shop which is like a dollar store here in Australia. So for the price range that's not to bad, especially for a cruelty free brand as well! Don't the colours look rich?

They are a slightly satin finish, which I like, but the pigmentation is amazing, they are buttery smooth and the swatches are amazing. This was one swipe from the brush that came with the pack, its a sponge brush.

 True to life colours, that are so buttery soft. A little fall out in the pan but I believe that's the talc in the ingredient list but from the price you can't really go wrong from this drug store quality.
 Look how true to life these colours are! I think for an emerald selection you can really get away with a lot of looks from this pan of colours. Which I was grateful for because a pan of just greens does get rather boring.
 I wanted to show the back with the bunny saying cruelty free.
And the typical packaging saying emerald, which was the shade name.

I hope you enjoyed this first impressions, have you tried this brand yet? if so what products? let me know what you think!

Hugs Jess

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Savvy by db mini make over packs from Priceline review and thoughts

So Savvy by db have brought out the little packages of goodness again and omg I am in love, they are similar to the pocket rockets of last year but this year they are called Mini make overs and they are $5 each. My first one I picked up was this packet right here purely because I was so interested in the liquid lipstick.

The shade of liquid lipstick is called Ballet and in the packaging it looked quite nude which was actually why I wanted it because its so on trend right now, and let me tell you it is pigmented! and extremely runny. So they aren't wrong in saying its a liquid but on the lips its a dream.

Nude shades don't normally suit me but because I'm now blonde, and this one has a slight peachy colour in it (and yes I do believe I applied way to much but it came out super fast so be warned) but they are so pigmented! they remind me of the ocd lip tars I believe they are called. They have other shades which I will be picking up.
I love the packaging, and I do wish they come in more shades but my local Priceline didn't seem to stock that many, I picked up this one because it was the last one of this one left. And as I said nudes are very in right now. The tube is sturdy, but I would highly recommend keeping it in a make up bag, either the one it comes with or another one because if it did get squished by something in your bag it would make a huge pigmented mess. I actually squirted out that much and its that pigmented that it stained my hand so be warned especially with the deeper shades, it washed off after two washes though.

Now onto the nail polishes, I was excited to see the little bottles as they made the deal a bit more value because some of the packages only come with two items. But these nail polishes are not very good quality even though they are very pretty. They lasted me a day before chipping.

This was straight after application, the pro's are they are very pretty shades, the lighter pink one held up much better than the darker shade. The was no streaking, and it applied opaque after one coat which at the time I thought it was too good to be true.

But after one day they chipped, and I don't think its worth it just for the nail polishes if that's what you are after, I'm getting the packs for the liquid lipsticks. And I guess for a day the nails can look pretty still. Maybe with a top coat it would last longer but I am lazy with my nails and generally just want it easy and to last on its own.

I do like the size of the bottles, I think they are quite a novelty little thing, and would be good for travelling.

over all not a bad deal for $5

what do you guys think have you seen them yet? let me know and please follow and share for more
hugs Jess

Thursday, April 9, 2015

the death of a pet

How do we deal with coping with losing a pet? a beloved companion? after years of loving and caring for them and hopefully them caring and loving us in return. Sadly my Bert passed away over night, something in the aviary world called night fright. I found him, this evening and it was a horrible shock to the system. I don't want to remember him that way, I want to remember him the character and charmer that he was.

I don't know how I'll get over him as he was a special case as we rescued him from a terrible situation. He was kept in a dark room, in a cage and his food had only been topped up once a week. Being a wildlife carer is rewarding but it does have its hard moments.

R.I.P my lovely Bert.

hugs Jess

Saturday, April 4, 2015

w7 high definition foundation, w7 light diffusing concealer and w7 massive lashes mascara haul

Hello lovelies! I have a haul, I can't even say its a first impressions cause I only got these last night as I had to go to chemist wharehouse and get some medication for my husband. I picked up these three beauties for $10! I could have spent much more, but I restrained haha. So much for my spending band. Oh well, who can resist such a good deal?

W7 is one of the best drugstore companies out there in my opinion, most of their products are under $5 in Australia, except for their eye shadow pallets in the buff and in the nude and another pallete which I think was their painted pallete which was all $10. But still very good prices, they have also brought out a new selection of nail polishes but I digress.

why don't you grab a drink and sit and read awhile?
We have a frothing machine now and I've been addicted to using it of late but sorry I digress again! I do that when I'm excited heehee.

also check out my youtube prize I've won and unboxed in a video here
prize unboxing

ok now onto the goodies!

 The products I got were w7 cosmetics and its the high definition liquid foundation I got the shade buff, it seemed it was the lightest they had. I also got the massive lashes mascara, and the light diffusing concealer. I've not used a light diffusing concealer before so it will be actually interesting to see what it does as it intrigues me. I'm also all about big mascaras because I'm scared of using false lashes lol.
 The foundation I hope will be my shade, I did test in the store but the lighting was so off I couldn't quite work it out. But it looks light enough in the bottle. I also love that its a pump because I cannot stand pour out foundations. I generally don't buy the ones without a pump. So I just braved it and did swatches for you guys. I'm actually pleased with the colour, and the way it blended out on my wrist as well. My wrist is super pale compared to my actual face though but I'm certain it will match fine.

Here is what the wand looks like, and at first look it looks to be a dryer formula which I do prefer than a wetter formula in mascaras.

now I must admit I got the concealer purely on its packaging, I mean look how pretty it looks? other than light diffusing concealer it doesn't have that much info about it but I've done swatches and shown how it blends out on my hand.

 unfortunately it is a pen nib style one which I generally don't like because most of the cheaper drugstore ones have never actually worked for me but luckily this one was fine.
 It's actually quite a thick looking product so I I think it will go nicely under eyes and covering blemishes.
by that layer I believe its a coverage that you can build upon, so it looks like it might blur imperfections such as pores.

So that was my show and tell guys, Happy Easter and if you have used any of these products let me know in the comments! or if you haven't just tell me what you think about them, I love getting to know my readers.

Hugs Jess

Friday, April 3, 2015

getting to know me traditions

Hello lovelies and Happy Good friday to you all! today I am sharing with you my family tradition of how we celebrate Lent. We aren't religious however we do love spending quality time with one another and I think that's what counts.

So we started the day by spending it in our jammies for the most part which was lovely and relaxing, then I got dressed and this is my outfit that I wore today.

Just casual but nice, and I used my new urban decay make up pallet for the eye shadow look which I'll show here.

Super pretty colours, I used mainly greens and browns and the white to highlight so I am in love with this pallete.

I then fed the birds in the aviaries, this dove is sitting on two eggs!

chocolate and card giving time, to the family

 And then our traditional (for us) Lent dinner of cod, and vegetables, we always have this every Good Friday at my mother in laws. (This wasn't my serving it was for one of the men lol)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know our traditions and me a little further
hugs Jess

Thursday, April 2, 2015

exciting haul featuring Urban decay eye shadow new york pallate! plus motd

Hello my lovelies! I've been fighting an illness all week and when I ventured out of the house yesterday for the second time this week to go to the doctors I stopped by my local thrift store just to see what they had. I always, always, always look in their make up/beauty section cause you never know what they may have. I was flawed, literally stonkered when I saw they had an original urban decay eye shadow pallete! I looked it up online and its the new york one, its pretty much brand new, so I guess the person who donated it didn't know what it was by the box? On the outside of the box it doesn't look that high end so I guess if you thought it was a jewellery box maybe you would donate it? that's the only way I can fathom it was there!!!

 I adore the packaging, the pop up city cut out of new york is very cute!! I just love the detailing. At first I thought it may have been a knock off product but looking on the back and inside its legit, urban decay. And as you can tell by the sticker I only paid $5.25 for it! and yes I'll be sterilizing it before using it but even the eye liners look brand new, not smudged or anything.
 I actually called my instagram friend @melanieejane_ as we've become friends and was like omg you cannot believe what I found in the salvo's!! she was like in shock as I was.  I also picked up a few more goodies from the opshop which I'll do a post on later on but the link to the haul video can be found here JessicaEllinVlogs haul video so if you can please subscribe and give it a thumbs up for me!!
 I also show the receipt that this came from the salvo's, to prove it for those that were wondering.
 It doesn't even look like the eye shadows have been swatched, let alone used and I'm just so stoked to have found it because sephora was selling it for I think $54.00usd.
I know its nearly winter in my neck of the woods but I wanted to give a peachy, coral look a go and I'm so glad I did, it looks rather pretty, my no make up look. What do you guys think?

do you guys go thrifting? found anything cool? please share let me know who's reading as I'd love to get to know you. 

Hugs Jess

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Essence long wearing eye liner review

Hello lovelies, I am doing a review on an Essence product I have been enjoying using, which might seem weird cause I only use black eye liner generally. However this one is a bright, bright blue and its one of my favourite colours.

The shade is called Tu Tu tuorquose and I just love it! there are a little bit of sparkle in it but not a whole lot, you don't notice it that much. It's creamy to use, is very long lasting and I'm totally in love with it!!
 I believe I got this on clearance however they do have other colours and I think from memory the price is under $3.
It's a retractable eye pencil which I normally don't like but because of how creamy this product is, I love using it.

So this is my mini review of this eye liner, have you used it?
great value
good quality and
a fab range of colours

hugs Jess

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