Friday, July 31, 2015

Three legit ways to make money online

Hi guys, today I wanted to post about something a little different, its something I am quite excited about because who doesn't want a bit extra of this? what I'm talking about... is money. And how to legit make money online that isn't scams, fakes, or ones that you need to spend money to make money.

We all know that usually signing up for these things, end up in scam, or you are disillusioned as to what you thought it was. I believe that we should be working smarter not harder and we should be able to get some more bang for our buck.

First off, if you are a beauty blogger or someone who writes then this site is for you! Really Ree actually pays per article they publish, and they published one of mine! I got paid $25 euro's they send it out in gift card format so its pretty cool. My article can be found here Really Ree website

The second tip is, join Mysurvey my partner does these and so far he's earned $100 in gift cards just for completing online surveys. It's slow but at least every few weeks he gets something back for it.

Do make up trials! they pay per trial after you have successfully answered the online questions! I got paid $40 via paypal plus I got to keep two make up brushes and the product I tested.

So these are three easy ways that will make you money if you try! you won't make a fortune but you wont lose money either! have you tried these? let me know if they have worked or if you have any other ways of making money!

hugs Jess

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

making your hair look healthier after its been coloured review Revlon Color Silk beautiful colour

Hi lovelies I wanted to come at you today with a post about my new favourite hair colour! its a new one by Revlon, $9 from Coles supermarket. My hair has been lacking in late since I bleached and coloured it, after a break it needed some tlc and then a new colour, I thought this will be a good and effective way of colouring since I can get two packets for under $20.

 I've been disappointed by box colours before, however the revlon colour silk one is really good, it almost covers my whole head with one application. Which is saying something as I always almost need 2 packets for my thick hair.
 It penetrates deep into the hair, unlike most other hair dyes which only lies on the surface of the hair and doesn't take that well. It gives a good all over colour that actually looks professional, I had compliments yesterday at work about my hair!
 This is my new favourite conditioner, after reading some reviews I had to go and buy it, at Coles they had Palmolive on special for $2.46 so I bought both shampoo and conditioner, my hair is coarse and dry so it needs all the love it can get.
 after applying it, leaving to wait for an hour, and then rinsing and conditioning, I am so happy with the results.
This was the before, as you can tell it was sorely in need of some tlc and care, I'm so happy with the results as I was actually starting to hate my hair.

This photo was taken a couple of days before with my bunny Indy who is 9 years old and blind.

Have you been impressed with box dye colour products?
Hugs ess

New york new york! physicians formula city glow

Hello lovelies! I was gifted this lovely bronzer by Physicians formula from a lovely friend of mine and I've been obsessed with it.

 Look how stunning that gold is! it has three shades within the one intensely pretty pan! and I mean this is intense! look at the texture! it has skin loving ingredients in it, and spf 30 which I think is pretty amazing.
 These pictures were taken with natural daylight, look how stunning that gold is! I can't even!!!

 Swatches, and yes the gold transfers amazingly well, gives such a pretty glow! and so versatile as well.
The packaging is sleek, I love the little button you have to press to open it, and it comes with a mirror and brush. The packaging is so nice, and it boasts very good ingredients which are an interesting mix, functional yet stunning!

For fair skin, new york is stunning because it just glides on and blends in amazingly well, the gold can be worn on the eyes, or as a highlight. It can contour and be used in a multi tasking way.

I love this product, bringing art into make up. Have you guys used this?

hugs Jess

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July make up favourites! Monthly make up faves Primer, contour, highlight and bbcream

Hi loves! hope you are all well, today I am bringing to you a post full of my July make up favourites that I've been reaching for, again and again this month!

I love this bbcream! the colour and coverage is fantastic for days that you don't want to over do the make up. $9 from Kmart and Priceline when on sale.

This will give you a healthy and light coverage that will make your make up stay all day, hide pores, and contour the shiz out of your non contourable areas. Does that make sense? Well I'm talking about Palmers Cocoa butter eventone bb cream in Extra light. Bys contour kit, Maybelline bare skin pore reaser and Elf whipped highlighter.

I'm so happy Maybelline has released this in Australia! its a fab primer, and one that actually does reduce the size and appearance of my pores! Great price too, and even better when on sale. I purchased this for $6 on ebay ages ago.

This contour kit I keep reaching for because I've finally found a shade that is great for my fair skin! also a great bargain under $10 at Kmart. 

 Last but not least is the shimmering facial whip by elf! I love this stuff, gives a nice healthy glow in all the right places. $3 from Kmart.

So these are my July favourites, what are yours? any good drugstore products I need to know about? comment below! 

hugs Jess

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Face of Australia blush review Primrose

Hi loves! I'm excited to bring you this post/review because its one that I'm... well, excited about! I purchased this item a couple of weeks ago, Kmart were reducing it to clear and I paid less than $5 each for it, so a fab price to try out a new make up products, no? I am a huge fan of FOA products in general because of their amazing versatility and quality.

 I needed this lipgloss because its purple! #purplelipsdon'tcare! lol, and for less than $5 it was an amazing bargain, I think I paid $3 for it. Face of Australia lipgloss pencil in berry brulee.
 This blush is amazing! its one of the prettiest blushes I own, it builds up well, lasts all day, and its the perfect peachy pink shade. Even though there are sparkles in the pan, it doesn't come off on the skin which is so surprising due to how chunky the glitter looks. It just gives a nice glisten on the cheeks that looks super pretty. I paid $5. And the colour is called Primrose.
 you get 6grams of product in the pan, so this blush will last you forever! I also think this shade is super wearable for most skin tones, from deep, to the very fair.

What I love about them
Easy to apply
Lasts all day
Blends out super well
No powdery look on skin so no cakeface
Packaging is sturdy, and very sleek for its price range

Anything I don't like
The lipgloss is a tad sheer for my liking but still a good bargain for trying out new shades
Not the best shade ranges in the blushes with only 4 shades, Dolly, Primrose and Terra and Nutmeg

Have you tried these? I'll be getting more use out of these that's for sure! paired with a matte foundation they add lovely colour to the cheeks!

hugs Jess

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Detoxing your winter!

So I know the rest of the world is buzzing about their summer but what about us in the middle of Winter? here in Melbourne Australia we have had a very cold and rainy week. So I thought I'd give us a bit of a Winter detox if you will.

Tip one, bring back the warmth in colour!

Bring back colour! my favourite are from the Chi Chi icecream range! these sweet colours will have you feeling cosy in no time! if you are feeling pale and drab, bright colours will liven up any cold heart!

Tip number two mix and match

Feeling bored? vamp up your style with a mix and match kind of pattern in a new tote! kmart has some great options and it adds instant style to any outfit.

Tip number three

Get some new lippies! lippies add life, vibrancy, and colour to anyone, and these lovelies are from Face of Australia.

Tip number four smell sweetly

Spice up your scent with wearing whatever you please, don't worry about seasonal scents or what's on trend, find one that you can't live without!

Tip number five

New bedding and bed companion, hot tea! I got the bedding from Harris Scarf and I only paid $20 for it as it was on clearance, the zebra blanket was from Coles and I paid $7 for it, the Tea is by Tetley and its the Cinnamon and orange tea!

what are your winter Detox tips?

hugs Jess

Monday, July 13, 2015

my favourite urban decay eye shadow palettes

Hi loves! today I thought I would share with you my two favourite palettes from Urban decay that I own! I adore these palettes and I will show you why.

 I purchased this just before last Christmas as Sephora was having a sale and my girlfriend lived in America at this time. I paid $40 for this baby! and am so freaking delighted with this palette as its everything its cracked up to be. I saved $20 for this palette which as a bargain hunter I'm super thankful for. This palette was my first ever high end purchase and as such I am a huge Urban decay fan!
 The second palette I was actually lucky enough to have found it at a thrift store! still brand new. It's the urban decay new york palette. It's limited edition, and I love it for everyday use, Urban decay has seriously become my favourite high end brand to date. I also have tried Benefit, Stilla and Dior, and Clinique but so far Urban Decay has won my heart.
 They always out do themselves on packaging presentation, the Vice 3 is no exception! but look at the cuteness that is the Nyc palette.
 all the eye shadows blend well, there's not a single colour I don't like, and the versatility of these palettes are endless! brights, mattes, shimmers and nudes.
 You get sixteen eye shadows in the nyc palette, and can easily attain great looks with these shades!
 you also get the purple eye liner, and black eye liner and a mini sample of primer potion!
And you get 20 eye shadow shades with the vice palettte, you also get the eye shadow brush.

I love these palettes so much! have you tried Urban decay?

hugs Jess

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Make your love life a priority, even if you aren't having sex!

Make your love life a priority, even if you aren't having sex!

Yes, as crazy as this sounds, sex isn't everything. I've been with my partner for 9 years and we have had a fluctuation of wanting/not wanting sex. However I've come to the conclusion that you can still make them feel wanted, without the sex.
Sure sex is all talked up, and whatever, but what if you can't always have it? medication can put a downer on the fun times, and sometimes you just might not want it. He might not want it. For whatever reason you aren't having it, you can still make each other feel wanted.

Date nights don't have to be expensive, or super well planned, it can be on the spur of the moment because spur of the moment actually means you are thinking about each other. 

Tonight my hubby and I had a spur of the moment date at home, with our favourite pizza, wine and a movie to cuddle up to. 

All it took was a 10 minute trip to Coles, and on the way there we discussed what movie we were going to watch. These simple. yet loving gestures both have us talking, planning, yet at the same time just being near each other, and wanting to be in each others present time. 

I think we sometimes forget the simple things in life, we don't always have the money, time or thought but we make excuses. 

How have you made your significant other feel wanted? 
Hugs Jess

Thursday, July 9, 2015

LUSH shower jellies sweetie pie review

Hi lovelies, I'm slowly becoming addicted to Lush, I wasn't on the bandwagon that much until recently as I don't have a bath. I used to envision all Lush had to offer were bathbombs, but now I've been into a few of their stores recently, I have since found otherwise! I'm obsessed with their shower gels, and bath jellies. I thought I'd like their soaps but they aren't as lovely as these products, in my little opinion.

 the price for a 100g pot was $6.95, which isn't a bad price, I am glad they do a smaller size and a larger size in case you didn't want to splurge on the extra. And after finding out how to use this product, I don't think a large pot is needed because its very economic to use.
 The colour is amazing as its scent! you will not be sorry if you love smelling gorgeous! the scent actually lingers after you have dried yourself off, and into the next day, so I much prefer these than the soaps.
 The jellies are surprisingly moisturising and cleansing as well! they are gentle on the skin, and lather really nicely. I only need the size of my ring finger nail! and you can get a nice lather happening, any more than that is wasting the product.
 It really does make showering all the more fun! the texture is more dense than what it looks like in the pot. It's easy to hold onto, and you can cut it into chunks.
over all I'm really loving the bath jellies, I think I'll get more of these the next time I visit a lush store! what have you used from lush?

Hugs Jess

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

my pet Galah cockatoo

Hi guys I thought I would do a pet based blog today! I haven't done one of these in ages. This is Matty, he is a 6 year old Galah, or Rosie breasted cockatoo, native to Australia, I'm a wildlife carer .and I love handling these birds

 He says good boy, come on, hello, what are you doing? and he loves cuddles as you can see.
 These parrots are very underrated because many people want more exotic birds like Eclectus, however they make the most adorable and smart pets.
 They are really one of my favourite birds,

Matty came to us after we adopted him, his previous owner couldn't look after him anymore, galah's are reasonably easy to look after and are usually very comfortable with other people. 

Let me know if you have a pet parrot? 

hugs Jess

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a day in pictures Melbourne central shopping

I thought I'd do a day in pictures as yesterday I went shopping with a girlfriend!

what have you been up to?
Hugs Jess

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