Sunday, November 13, 2016

Australis fake eye-d limited edition holiday palette

Hi lovelies, today's post is on the new limited edition palette that Australis cosmetics brought out recently, I believe its for the holiday makeup, but I picked up this bad boy, in the 40% off sale last week at Priceline, it was something I wanted as I had seen it on their website and was like, I will break my eye shadow palette spending ban for this! and I did.

I was lucky in the fact that my Priceline store had this in stock at all, I picked up the last one, and was so happy. I took it home hoping it would perform well, and so far I am very happy with all of the 15 shades. The lightest ones in particular are actually great, they show up well on my pale arm!
 I believe the packaging is quite decent,if you have felt the Morphe palettes it feels better quality than that style of packaging. but there is no mirror. You get the names of the eye shadows written on the back. You get 15 different shades ranging from mattes, to shimmers and a couple of foiled eye shadows as well. Also the pigmentation on these shadows are very good, they feel soft and buttery too.

 These swatches are great because one swipe. no primer and all the colours actually show up the way they are meant to. Wearing on the eyes the eye shadows performed very well, didn't crease and lasted on my oily eye lids a good 10 hours, so I was pretty happy about that.The range of shades are also pretty unique for a drugstore palette, Earthy greens, taupes and a few pops of colour.
 Over all I'm rather happy with this palette and can't wait to try it out more! I think the price point of $25 is pretty good, considering the size of the pans and the quality over all. I also love Australis for being cruelty free and an affordable brand here in Australia. They have brought out some interesting things in the last few months.
have you brought this palette?


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lush soaps Rockstar

Ah Lush, I do adore a good lush soap, sadly I can't use the bathbombs because I don't have a bath in my home *sobs* but I can use soaps and shower gels, yay! So on today's agenda is the Lush Rockstar soap.
 It may look like a pink rock, but that's because its Lush's one and only Rockstar soap! It smells so pretty and sweet, like a candy shop on overload! I love it it's been my go to soap for months, one of the few I'll actually keep repurchasing. Lush describes it as bubblegum, with a touch of Vanilla absolute, I love how its alost a musk lolly scent because that's what it reminds me of. As you guys might know by now, I am a huge sucker for pink, which is funny because when I was younger I loathed the colour! The soap is a very hydrating soap because it contains oils, and currently I am obsessed with oils! I use them on my face, my hair and I recently purchased one specifically for my body as well, you can say I'm a little bit addicted to oils.
 What it contains
Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Rapeseed oil, coconut oil, Sodoium Lauryl sulfates, Sodium Stearate, sodium hydroxide, Fragrance, Titanium Dioxide, Vanilla absolute, Glycerine, Sodium chloride, EDTA, tetrasodium editronate, Methyl Ionone, D&C Red no. 33

So as you can see its not all natural, but most soaps aren't because of the making process that soap is. If you haven't made soap, lets just say you need to be quite careful in the process (I have done a soap making class or two)

But this soap I didn't have any bad skin reactions to, as I have sensitive skin, I have to be careful of certain ingredients like fragrance, but this one I tried out and I had nothing bad to say about it! It perfumes my whole bathroom, and I love that! For an oily soap it lathers well and it doesn't take much product in one go to do so. I tend to cut a bit off and use that a couple of times and the rest keeps fresh, for longer.
 How to use it
I cut off a bit, and use it directly onto the skin, after the skin is moist (sorry I hate this word) rub gently, into a lather, rinse off. It leaves the skin highly perfumed for a little while after, and very moisturised.
I adore the scent, its not over powering but it does linger, and the soap is moisturising

it does contain sulphate and fragrance which you might not like to use

you can purchase the soap for your soaping pleasure, at lush for $6.95 per 100gram

Have you tried this soap?
what others are your favourites that I should try?


Friday, November 4, 2016

w7 Naughty Nine eye shadow palettes Bangkok nights and Midsummer Nights review

Raise your hand if your a fellow eye shadow hoarder!

Hello all, I'm Jess, and I'm an eye shadow palette addict, ok well a makeup addict in general, however my obsession has been for years, collecting eye shadow palettes, drugstore and highend, I want them all. But my bank account tells me I sadly can't have them all *sobs* but today I wanted to delve into two eye shadow palettes that are so affordable and that have really blown me away, they look great in any makeup collection/flatlay and I think I need to collect all of them, best of all they only cost $5 so I can! 

 W7 cosmetics have really upped their game in my opinion, recently I have been enjoying the w7 photoshoot foundation to the point I've nearly finished the bottle, which basically never happens! and I picked up two eye shadow palettes that caught my eye. The naughty nine palettes, which I believe are a dupe for the mac eye shadow 9 pan palettes, I can't say for sure as I don't own them but I have seen pictures and swatches. I have two palettes, I picked up Midsummer nights which is trending on so many levels because of all the warm toned palettes that are coming out right now, and I was literally blown away by the pigment, these swatches are one swipe, no primer, and in natural window lighting. I have worn them both on my eyes and they wear very well, no creasing and no fading, also very pigmented on the lids.
 So if you are wanting to delve into an affordable warm toned palette but can't afford the ones such as Huda beauty Rose gold addition then this one is for you. The packaging is a standard cheapish plastic casing but it is sturdy enough for travel, I took the midsummer nights one when I wen't house sitting and it travelled well in my makeup case. Would also be suitable for taking to work/school or as needed for touch ups.
 I actually fell in love with Bangkok nights purely on the taupe purples and mattes in this eye shadow palette. Similar shades I have seen in the Tarte in bloom palette when I was last in Sephora, and a heck if a lot cheaper.  I love in both palettes that you get a range of finishes, mattes, shimmers and glitters. The Bangkok nights has amazing shades ranging from purples to dusty pinks and plums so great to play around with and create so many looks
 I'm going to be purchasing more in this range, I think there's two more to collect so I may as well get them all I am intrigued in the Arabian nights palette as its mostly all earthy tones I believe, but these two spoke to me the most. I will be adding these palettes to my daily makeup bag, and with the size of the eye shadow pans themselves I think its really good value for the price.
Have you tried any of these at all? let me know! I highly suggest you go now to get them!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is the new Bath and body works worth it? shopping day in pictures and a vlog!

Hello all! I thought I would share with you my experience, checking out the new Chadstone shopping centre which reopened for the first time as of last week. I wen't with my friend Kiera and we had so much fun! Also at the end of it I will post my vlog about it so you can watch it, if you would like to! Be warned these are snapchat photos but they are still fun and capture the great time we had at the new complex. We checked out the new Sephora and Bath and body works, the Bath and Body works are so over priced in store, in our opinion, if you splurge on that then go you! but we still had lots of fun and laughs.

add me on snapchat jessellin6
It started out as a beautiful sunny day but not too warm which was lovely! travelling there by bus however took for ages and was not as lovely but we still entertained ourselves and had a good time.

 Travelling to Chadstone took forever but I loved seeing the Kfashion that was on the bus it was so cool.
Chadstone new section looks amazing!
 and interesting new fashion ugg heels!
 Of course you need a screaming reindeer from Daiso this cracked us up so much!

 The food we had was from Muffin break and it was actually really yummy and very fresh as well so check out Muffin break.

and if you have made it this far why not follow me? subscribe to my channel to if you can!

my chadstone shopping vog

let me know if you check out the vlog! where have you been shopping lately?


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A spending ban and project pan

Hello lovelies today's post is a bit because I wen't a bit addicted to buying eye shadow palettes these past few months, and I figured I need to put them to good use before I buy any new ones unless some really grab my attention, however for now I am on an eye shadow spending ban, there! I said it! I've put myself on it. So I looked into my stash and figured I'd blog about an oldie but a goodie that I have loved for ages.

 I am a huge fan of Designer brands by db a cosmetic company that started within Australia and is now fully cruelty free as well as vegan. This is an older palette that I'm not sure is in their range anymore or in their vegan range but I do know that it is in fact cruelty free. I paid $6 for this palette a year and a half ago at my local chemist and I have not regretted it one bit.
 It comes in this super cute and very glittery clutch style packaging which I thought was adorable as it meant you can travel with it, in style!  The shadows are smooth, buttery and very pigmented! very happy with the different finishes, one matte and its also quite pigmented, these swatches were one swipe, no primer and taken in natural lighting by my bedroom window.
 They do throw a little kick back in the pan but that doesn't transfer to fall out under the eye but I always do my eyes first before applying foundation, so I can clean it up relatively easy if there is any fall out. I love how this can easily carry from Day time to nighttime, and is such a versatile palette with the shades.
It's such a pity they discontinued it but honestly its lasted me ages and it is still going strong as I haven't really touched some of the shades yet. Have you gone on a spending ban?


Sunday, October 23, 2016

graduating year 12 as a mature adult student

I graduated this week! I went back as an adult to finish my vce year 12, it took two years as I did it part time. I didn't have to do year 12 as I am 32 years old, however I wanted to do something that I had felt like I had missed out on as I had dropped out of high school in year 9. I also felt like that studying year 12 would give me a good study routine for further education for studying my bachelor of arts next year.

So this post is about my graduation day, I felt so proud to have finally actually accomplishing it, year 12 is a lot harder than what you may think.

So graduation day started with a fresh berry smoothie which was delish and I was up bright and early as I start school at 8:.30am.
 Most of these pics were taken on snapchat and its showing us on muck up day and then on the actual graduation day where we had grad lunch and awards.

 Free tacos for the students which was a nice touch, who doesn't like tacos?
 These guys were what made class bearable, some days were really hard to get up, dressed and sorted, having pain issues I found it really confronting some days. But knowing my pals were there made it easier.
my last bathroom outfit pic. I chucked on the outfit and my friend and I called it granny goth haha, the cardi with the tank.

So graduation lunch was the standard buffet but it was mainly to see the group one last time as we were and really know we had graduated.

 The guys that made me laugh when I was feeling stressed or anxious and the ones who kept me sane through the mountain of homework and assignments. I still have these guys on snapchat which is great.

Thank you for a fantastic year guys, its had its ups and downs for sure, but knowing we all went through it together is great. I have my end of year exams coming up in the next couple of weeks to get my atar score. That's daunting to say the least!

but we made it and that's the best thing of all. I'm still processing that year 12 is over, I'm a very routine person. It feels weird knowing I won't be going back to those classes.

Is anyone else like that?

so that's my graduation day! has anyone else graduated recently?


Friday, October 21, 2016

The Golden Wonder lush bath bomb

Lush, its basically every beauty youtuber and blogger talks about, Lush this, Lush that, well for someone who hasn't got a bath in her household... aka me, it makes it very hard to try all the pretty goodies that Lush has to offer. Well I was offered a gig to house sit for the week, and I thought they have a bath, and mind you we have lived in our house for 10 years and that means I haven't had a bath in 10 years!

I made the most of it, I picked up 3 goodies last Sunday as I was in the city, I picked up the The Golden Wonder Christmas lush bath bomb, the bath melt as the sales person said it was the last batch they would be doing before summer, and I also picked up the Dragons eggs bath bomb, today however I am reviewing the Wonder Bar Christmas limited edition bath bomb.

 It's a very pretty bath bomb to behold, a fine sheen of sparkle around it and a white design on the top of it, it's also fairly large and looks rather festive.It is a giant present wrapped up in a bow, (that's the design if you didn't get it) and mind you it hides something inside.
 Apparently this is one of Lush's biggest bath bombs yet, so the present keeps on giving within the experience. It's also been designed around an old favourite Snow Shower jelly which is great because years ago I remember being raved about. I place the bathbomb in the water and it instantly fizzes into a glorious display.
 A mix of pink, blues, yellow, and purple with a hint of shimmer covers the surface of the water and when the fizzing stops and the bath bomb has disappeared you are left with the most stunning swirls of colour in an aqua green tub of water. Did I mention he shimmer?
 The bath water is actually changed as well, the feel is silky smooth, and it smells heavenly, very uplifting and refreshing.Warming and zingy, it made me feel relaxed and happy all at once. The gold sheen was also transferred onto my body which was pretty.
 I love that this is a vegan friendly product, and is an affordable treat that would make anyone feel like a million dollars! The only con was that I felt like the scent of it didn't linger too long, but people might like that in this product.
 For $8.95 I think its reasonably priced, as it was my first ever lush bath bomb I don't have others to compare it to but I think its priced well for its size and the quality of the experience it gives, my body was left feeling smooth and moisturised as well.

what are your lush favourites?


Sunday, October 16, 2016

my day in pictures and a vlog! Anime and movie expo cosplaying

Hi guys this weekend had been such an amazing weekend I wen't to my first ever convention and had so much fun, I thought I'd share with you some happy snaps and my vlog I posted up on youtube so basically its a my day in pictures style post with a little vlog at the end! if you guys could subscribe to me, I would appreciate it so much! let me know in the comments if you do! I wen't with my friend Sam who dressed up as Wolverine and he got so many kids running up to take photos with him! it was so cute.

This was my day at the Anime and Movie expo!

 At Melbourne central

I'm house sitting for the next week hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll see you then with a house tour!

Vlog link to my channel please subscribe! cosplay vlog

see you then!


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