Saturday, January 2, 2016

coconut revolution my no poo method that's saving my fried hair

Hi lovelies! today's post is an exciting one, because I love anything to do with hair care, I've been around the block, quite a few times regarding shopping for hair products, and treatments and even hair stylists appointments to try and save my, very unruly, thick and almost unmanageable hair. It's become a love hate type of relationship!

However I've actually been seeing a huge improvement with my hair using this method, and even hair growth! my hair generally grows out thick, not long. My hair is coarse, brittle, and damaged, but its slowly liking me again with the hair care I've been using.

Coconut revolution, is a new brand to me, I first saw them a few months back when I was in Melbourne central, I looked around and stored it in the back of my mind. I stumbled across this soap at an independent grocery store that is by me! and it was on sale for approx $3 something which is way less than what it usually retails on their website for, just under $10 a bar. I've heard of people doing the no poo method on their hair.

...Some had mixed results, some had great results, others hated it, I however am loving it! I believe that traditional shampoos and conditioner either dry out my hair more, or mask it temporarily and doesn't actually treat my hair problems. Which is frizz, dullness, and split ends.
I've researched their product, and they are an ethically based company, meaning they don't test on animals. However I cannot find their status on how they are using organically based cold pressed coconut oil as they are grown in Thailand. They do however use sustainable practices to harvest their coconuts.

I adore the packaging! I know, the product is not about the packaging, but how cute is the paper? the lilac represents it being lavender scented, and its sleek, and actually feels nice, not cheap. The soap itself is wrapped neatly too. Now onto the soap, the soap delivers an excellent lather! I like the scent, it cleans well, and moisturisers, however due to them using parfum and not essential oil, I can't use it in certain body areas! I did however try it on my hair this month as part of the no poo test. I love it! I first deep condition with an avocado oil, and sleeping in it, and rinsing it out with the soap as a shampoo, then conditioning it with apple cider vinegar.
This soap is amazing! I think for my body I might get the unscented one next time, It was my fault for not checking the ingredients. So far with this method I'm actually enjoying what I'm finding, I do this twice a week, I used to wash my hair every other day. I deep condition with coconut cream twice a week, and just rinse it out with apple cider vinegar. And no, you don't smell when using the vinegar it doesn't linger.

So have you tried the no poo method? tried any of Coconut revolution products?

Hugs Jess

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