Sunday, January 24, 2016

Designer brands eye ad brow shaping kit blog review

Hi lovelies! so today's review is on the Eye and Brow shaping kit, by the ever so popular, Designer brands by db, My chemist actually had it on sale for $10, usual retail price $15 so yes for saving some money. Better in my pocket than theirs right?

 So this is the over view of what you get in the pan, you get 3 eye brow colours, a highlight colour and a eye lid colour. You get an eye brow pencil, brush applicator and tweezers.  The tweezers are actually what impressed me the most, I love a good set of tweezers! I also love how they have their own spot to be placed, safe and sound and stowed away for when you use them next.

I rather like the design of the packaging in its browns and mustard colourings, the size is good, and you get a decent amount of product.
 The actual brow powder and wax go so well together, the wax isn't sticky, and is long wearing, and literally grooms my brows into place! my brows basically would blow around in the wind otherwise!
 This swatch is of the three brow shades, light, medium and dark, they are a warm brown in tone, but seem to work for my colouring which is good.
 This is the highlight, swatch of the eye lid colour and the eye brow pencil. The highlight is lovely! shimmery but not glittery in your face.
So the actual kit is very good value for money, cruelty free brand, and generally easy to find in select chemists.

Good for travelling
cost effective
very pigmented
long wearing

Packaging feels a bit cheap

So that's my thoughts on this! have any of you tried this?

hugs Jess

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