Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dupe alert maryloumanizer the balm and boe beauty

Hi lovelies! well I think you should all know by now, that I love a good highlighter! and Maryloumanizer by the balm is by far, one of the best. However not only do I love a good makeup product, I love a bargain!

 Mary loumanizer is an iconic beauty product that every gal should have in her kit! I however don't use this on a daily basis because of how expensive it gets to import into Australia. So when I stumbled across another product, by Boe beauty, they have a range that is $2 and a more expensive range, I was shocked when I found out these two products are actually very similar.
 Similar in size, compact shape obviously, and the product itself, the boe beauty one is a fair bit cheaper looking than its counterparts but that's a given being only, $2. Surprisingly for $2 the consistency of this highlighter, is actually really amazing. It feels similar to the mary lou one, in when first applied however, it can look glittery but, I blend it out with an Elf small tapered blending brush.
 in the pan they look basically the same! just the difference being Boe on the skin is slightly more glittery, however with careful blending it looks the same as Marylou manizer. Which is amazing being, shall I say it again? for $2.

I really feel that they are very similar, texture and on application they apply smooth, and are both pigmented.

What are your thoughts on this dupe?
hugs Jess

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