Friday, January 15, 2016

Floral denim thrifted fashion

Hi lovelies, so today I thought I'd do a fashion post, quite the spur of the moment thing for me, as I don't really do, fashion. However I really liked the outfit I was wearing yesterday and thought I'd show you! all of these items are thrifted as well, so I love thrifted fashion posts, and I hope you do to!

 Let me just say I don't wear dresses, normally! I feel usually very insecure in a dress and I don't know how to be, in them. But this dress, is so comfy, and very flattering. I love the floral in the monochrome colours.I love that its cotton, and light and flouncy without showing off too much, I still find it stylish though.

total cost of outfit
The jacket cost me $7,
Dress cost me $4
Leggings $3
 The denim really brings it together I think, and the black beads help with the neckline shaping, usually in dresses I feel like I'm out of place. I love how structured and fitted the denim jacket is, it almost looks tailored.
 I paired it up with my black leggings, and it makes for a smart casual outfit, perfect for my work, shopping or anywhere really.
I've been really trying to branch out of my fashion rut, which is jeans and a t-shirt, so hence why I'm usually uncomfortable in a dress.

what have you been wearing lately?

hugs Jess


  1. Cute outfit! All the clothing items go so well together! Great post!

  2. you sound like me--always in tee and jeans

  3. fab~


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