Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kmart makeup Fifth avenue Christmas sets

Hi lovelies! today I have some exciting purchases that I have made! I love kmart shopping, and I feel that I have said that before, in a blog post here, oops. but I do! I go into Kmart a few times a week, so I'm obsessed, but let me show you my purchases, this will be another show and tell type of blog post so I hope you enjoy!

Fifth avenue had brought these sets out for Christmas and they were rather expensive I thought, but still decent value, but I held off, the one with the brushes was originally $20 but they had it on clearance at $10, the lipstick set was $6, and the mascara eye shadow set was $7, so obviously they were marked 50% off.
Is it just me or does the gold round packaging make you think of Milani? also the quality is just as good as Milani cosmetics so for the bargain prices I paid, I think we have an aussie competitor for Milani now! The blush is called Berry Parfait, and the highlight is called Goddess, I wanted the Peach parfait one but they had run out, I'll try and get that on the weekend.
How pretty is the highlight though? I always love a good gold highlight! and this one is so pretty. I was so excited for the lipstick set, and the colours are stunning! the actual lipgloss is quite pigmented which I'm surprised about, usually I hate glosses cause its just gloss, not colour. Lipgloss is called Heavenly, Lipstick is called Rose. I think the colours really present well, and compliment one another well.

That was all I opened from the sets, now also from Kmart I picked up this pastel cute cushion, it was on clearance from $5 to $3 and I purchased the last two there, I collect fox things and just had to have these!

What have you purchased lately from Kmart?

hugs Jess


  1. Amazing! :)

  2. You recieved good deals on the makeup products! At first glance I did think these were Milani lipsticks! That gold highlight is so pretty! Great post!

  3. wish that brand was carried in US Kmart. I've got new Milani up today.


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