Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lush haul Maypole, Old father time and Rockstar soaps

Hi lovelies! today I'm showing you what I purchased from Lush! I picked up 3 soaps, one of which was on sale as their Christmas stuff, what they had left over was half price. They didn't have much, but I picked up, what I could!  I actually got a good selection, I feel in scents and prettiness and textures in these soaps. Sadly I don't have a bathtub so it means I don't use their bath bombs, but I do use their soaps and body washes.

 I picked up old father time, Maypole and Rockstar, which are all unique and different in their own way.I picked up Old father time because it was stunning! a gold face, numbers to represent an actual clock, and the different blue hues that sweep inside of it make it look very steampunk like or even utopia like, and an original scent that, literally blew my mind.
 Opopnax, myrrh, rosewood, tuber rose, fresh sage and thyme infusion, gold glimmer lustre, makefor such an interesting combination! I haven't used these soaps as yet, so its basically a show and tell right now.
 Maypole a new and minty addition to their soap range! I actually assumed it would smell like watermelon when I first put my nose to it, how wrong was I! and I adore mint smells too, so I was happily surprised. Canadian maple syrup, peppermint oil, and coconut oil will make it an interesting soap to try!
 I fell head over heals in love with the Rockstar soap after I was given a sample piece to try awhile ago, I went back and bought a proper sized soap. It's fab candy-pink hue, and a scent like no other, it literally perfumes my whole bathroom, not that my bathroom is all that big, but you get my meaning here! Coconut, Vanilla, is the perfect combination in my mind!
I love lush soaps! so so much, what are your favourites or purchases as of late? find my haul here on youtube!
lush haul on youtube

Hugs Jess


  1. i do wish i could give these a sniff! so different and unique.

  2. Those soaps look amazing! I have always wanted to try this brand but here in India is a little difficult to find it.
    Have a wonderful day doll,
    xoxo ♥


  3. I really wish I lived near a Lush store! I see so many products I would like to try, but I would like to get them in stores rather than online. Nice selections!

  4. Those soaps look amazing!!! I never tried any of them, but a pink one looks so pretty!

  5. Wow. Cool!


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