Saturday, January 9, 2016

Melbourne shopping day in pictures

hi guys here's my day out yesterday in pictures! plus sneaky peak at vlog too at the end. Hope you enjoy! let me know what you got up to!

First up was lunch, I got the steak and cheese subway, from Subway of course haha, it was so so yummy. I got the honey oat bun.
 Whenever I shop with Mel as she's from Geelong, we always go to Starbucks, this time I tried the strawberry and cream frap and it was so good, I normally get a latte.
 our tradition is taking a cheesy pic together at Starbucks haha.
 next we went shopping at Lush! I bought two soaps, Maypole and Old father time, I adore lush products.

 how pretty are the bathbombs? love taking photos of them, sadly I haven't got a bath though!
 Then Mel wanted to shop for workout gear, she's really into getting fit,
 and of course we had a break and a snack,
 Then we went to Daiso! I love this store and will be going back in a few weeks
 Saw some artist doing floor art, or busking art not sure what but it was so pretty!
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what are you getting up to?

Hugs Jess

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  1. Nice pictures! I wish I lived near a Lush store, so I could actually go inside to choose some products!


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