Saturday, January 23, 2016

my positives for dating the older man!

So my partner and I have been together for nearly 10 years! well, its 9 and a half years but I reckon nearly 10 years sounds better, ha ha. Oh the relationship goals. But this post is actually for those who are, or wanting to date an older man. My man is actually 10 years older than me, I'm now 31, so you can work out the maths. This post was actually inspired by the lovely Sassytoni, who wrote her version, she has no idea I'm writing this, but it just resonated with me so much. So here are my pros of dating an older man.

1. They are a better love maker 

Its true! they are past the 20 something age group where they just want a quickie and wham bam thank you mam! he now actually wants to please me, and wants to enjoy the act of lovemaking as much as I do. This is important because we generally know as women, we take longer to climax than most men. They are also past the grabbing and poking stage, I hated it when boys, I say boys because of the age difference, loved grabbing at my nipples, etc.

2. They are past looking at others

I find the older the man, the more committed he gets, they are usually past the commitment phobia stage and are willing to find the one to settle with. I don't mean by compromising and just settling but they know what they are wanting, and they are past the flirting and the drive that gets them to think they are missing out on something else.

3. The parents will embrace him

I found this because the age he is at, they realised he wasn't just after some casual affair and he was wanting to look after me, he also had the means to look after me, which made them feel comfortable as well, because lets face it, the 20 something year old wage generally doesn't cut it. He will usually want to look after things, and know what he's doing with money.

4. He can be so reassuring 

I find with age, comes wisdom and he is usually very on point when he's calming me down, or trying to impress me with his knowledge about something, or other. He will love to try and surprise me with some interesting fact, and he cheers me up with quotes and titbits. 

5. He's stopped dropping towels and undies on the floor

I know this is a random one! but he's not so lazy when it comes to cleaning, he gets things done around the house, and knows actually how to mow the lawns, and trim the hedge. This is great because it means I don't need to nag, or resent him, because he's not doing his share of the work, he even does the dishes! 

6. He knows what a vagina looks like! 

So before me, he's had a few partners, I accept that, comes with the territory of actually being 10 years older than me. This means he knows the layout of the vagina, where to look for, and is comfortable with exploring! he also doesn't complain about taste, or smell. There is nothing more off putting during the intimate act, and hearing you taste weird! 

So they are my 6 reasons about why dating an older man is worthwhile! more than worthwhile really. Let me know what your experiences have been? what your pro's are! has dating an older partner, been good for you?

hugs Jess

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