Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nivea lip butter raspberry rose

Hi lovelies! today I'm posting my thoughts about this pretty little product, from Nivea! I'm sure you've all seen them by now, if not where have you been living? If you know anything about me by now, is that I love a good lip product. Lately I've been suffering from really, dry lips, to the point they are sore and peeling. Not attractive! but I found this in my handbag again, and have been using it daily!

I found this at Coles supermarket on sale, I don't think its actually available there now, which is so so sad. I use this as a primer for lipsticks that are known to be drying. It smooths out any unwanted lines, and makes the staying power of the lipstick, longer.
 The texture of the lip balm is light, and absorbs well into the lips, so it actually doesn't just sit on top like most lip balms. The scent is sweet, a bit of a mixture between Raspberry, and rose which is nice. Not sickly sweet. Available in a flat, round tin, which is good for travelling however I find it hard to open sometimes. It's not slimy on the lips, and its not glossy either, even though it is slightly tinted pink. What I do like is that, the scent doesn't linger, I find some lip scents to be harsh on my sensitive lips.

I have found, a little goes a long way with this product, and it has so far lasted me ages! which is great cause I'd hate to run out of it any time soon.
 I found for the price, the size and the quality of this item makes it a fantastic beauty must have for those who love lipcare products. I keep going back to it, so it must mean that its good. I'm always a sucker for pretty products that actually do work well!

I also have the caramel kiss one, as well, but I've been leaning more towards this as of late! 

have you tried these? 

Hugs Jess


  1. great post.

  2. I have to try it!


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