Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review & Swatches: Australis Velourlip Matte Cream Lipstick how I wear a vampy lipstick shade

Hello all! I'm so excited, I'm finally on the valour lip bandwagon! I purchased my first ever Australis valour matte liquid lipstick from Kmart the other week and have been wearing it non stop! I bought the colour doobai as that was the shade I'd been lusting after for ages! the next colour I want to get is the deep purple one called Tok-i-o!

so here are swatches, how I apply it and I hope you enjoy it!

Lipswatch, I used natural lighting only from window light, and no filters, I adore this colour! its pigmented and a delight to put on.

I picked it up from Kmart for $9.00 which I think is a fairly good price for this type of product! I was worried I'd hate wearing it, but I actually found it very, comfortable and easy to wear and apply! it didn't dry my lips out either.
First off I prep my lips by giving them a gentle scrub a dub dub, it really helps for the presentation and the wear time of the lipstick. I actually found it better with the Maybelline Better skin item then any other I have in my stash. I also lathered on lipbalm before hand and Palmers coco butter formula is my fave.

The lip product itself, glides on with a traditional doe foot applicator, gives an impressive matte finish, and is opaque in one swipe. It's also very easy to use because it dries quickly, I'm always smudging my lipstick when cleaning up the edges and that defeats the purpose of cleaning up the edges! But this I have no problem with!
On me it lasted a good 5 hours before drying off a little, but it doesn't flake, cake, smudge, or leave any bad stains. I did however find if I applied too many layers, like more than 2, it started to get crumbly. Almost like I had lipstick pilling on my lips, or lint haha.
I think I also want to get Hon a loo loo next as well haha, tell me, what are your favourite lip shades or products to wear at the moment?

Easy to apply
Long wearing

Doesn't layer that well on the lips
Need to prepare lips with lip balm

Hugs Jess

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