Saturday, April 16, 2016

Models prefer infinite colour foundation review

Hi everyone! today's post is actually going to be a review on what I believe is my holy grail foundation and its by Model Prefer! Some of you, may know because you've popped into Priceline, probably more than once, (don't judge me!) I'm not really sure when I first came about Models Prefer, I think it was an eye shadow palette probably nearly 2 years ago, since then, I believe Models prefer has come ahead in leaps and bounds, improving their products, branding, and coming out with on trend products.

The sleek packaging of this product is your typical bottle, glass, with a black screw top lid, its sturdy, but not practical for travelling. However this bottle does not come with a pump! which is a downfall for me. I feel that being a glass bottle, I wont be able to get all of the product out, especially because you can't pump it out. The price normally at Priceline is $16.99, however I paid $5 for it on clearance, there was nothing wrong with the bottle, still had a good shelf life, and was sealed and not a messy disaster like most clearance foundations.

I'm quite fond of Models prefer as a brand, I have a few of their products, and in these photos you'll see how the Models prefer contouring palette makes a fab dynamic duo when paired with this foundation. However the colour, which is Ivory, is perfect for me, which rarely happens, because I'm rather on the fair side of things, and have odd things to cover.
It gives good medium coverage that is quite buildable which can almost be said to be full coverage, its a demi matte finish which I like, and being in my early 30's I can say it doesn't sink into pores, fine lines, or wrinkles, its oil free, paraben free, and stays on the face for a good amount of time, I put this on one morning at 6am for class, didn't take it off till 10pm at night and it still looked really good, its non cakey, doesn't budge, and doesn't dry out my combo/oily skin, its actually quite a hydrating formular, which I enjoy.
So over all, I'm loving this foundation, I've been wearing it quite a lot lately, and it sets really nicely with powder as well, doesn't look funky, and doesn't make me look older than I am, which I appreciate in a foundation.

What have you been using from Priceline lately?

hugs Jess

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Hi lovelies! today's post is about how to improve your youtube channel! this is something I'm very passionate about because as some of you may know, I have a youtube channel! Mine is growing steadily and I've met a few of you who are starting out as a new youtuber and I'm here to give my tips and tricks on improving your channel, which will hopefully make it grow in subscribers, views and all that you want! Mind you this is for those filming on a mobile device, because that is what I film my content on!
Thumbnail example

Ok first tip.

How you position your mobile device.
Film your video if you are using a mobile device, vertically! this means you wont get any black bars on your videos, and you will fill up the screens like other youtubers! this is great because the other way is rather annoying and hard to watch.

I understand this can be daunting, however I use an app that is 100% free, and I even have a tutorial on how I create thumbnails right here that you can look at! how to create thumbnails video
Thumbails are a source of advertisement that gets the viewer in, so don't forget to be creative, bold and fun.

Post regular videos.
This is very important because your subscribers and viewers need to develop a trust or relationship with you, if your only uploading once every three weeks, it wont grow in subscribers, or views, this is because in youtube land, a few days can actually be a very long time between videos, with so much new content being put out, yours can easily be forgotten. I don't mean post everyday, I post generally, 3 new videos a week, sometimes 2 if I'm busy, but my filming days are generally, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as they are my days off.

Film when you feel like it.
This is important because, forcing yourself to do something, makes it feel like a job, and then it comes across on camera, which makes it feel awkward, and that your not wanting to film, viewers will pick up on it!.

Actually ask.
In the video, this is called a call for action, and its an appeal to viewers to subscribe! a couple of times, through my videos I'll make a connection point, where I ask, what do you guys think, comment below, or I'll say things like don't forget to subscribe, hit that red button! viewers sometimes actually forget to subscribe!

So guys these are my top 5 tips on growing your youtube channel! do you have any tips that could help? comment below!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

For those day's you can't decide between bright's or neautrals

Hello all! today I am back with a first impressions and swatches of a new palette I got from Meyer's yesterday. I wasn't expecting this but they actualy had a 2 day sale of Chichi Cosmetics at 40% off which made my little purchases even more fantastic, because you know me, I do love a bargain! I bought two palettes, one I had my heart set on for ages and that was the OMFG palette that Target always seemed to have out of stock, so I was surprised that Meyer had heaps! 

So today I'm showing you two palettes and their respective swathes, the other palette I was convinced to get by a friend, is the amazing Spices palette. Warm browns, oranges, dusty pinks and in between colours. I can't believe I paid $13.77 each for these two palettes, but its a steal when they are normally $22.95 each.
Sadly the colours are not individually named but by the size of the packaging it isn't really doable.
 Both palettes have pretty much al the colours you could ever use, the colours and quality of these eye shadows literally amaze me, I actually think I can compare them to my Morphe 35c palette which I also love. These two palettes however are missing two basic single colours in my opinion and that is a black and white. However I do have these in other palettes just would have been nice to have it all in one.
 They both have 12 stunning shades, each feel as buttery smooth as the other, I'm yet to actually use these though as this is just a first impressions. But they swatched amazingly well and my arm had also been stained from the colours, which makes it a very good sign of a good eye shadow.
 These shadows would be great for someone starting out in makeup, or for the advanced, they are so smooth, and pigmented. The pink in the omfg palette stuns me, its literally one swipe, and its pigmented as!

The spices palette is more an everyday kinda palette but you could easily intertwine these palettes for creating some seriously pretty stunning looks!

 Even the lightest shades in the omfg swatched well, and this is without primer, one swipe in natural unedited daylight.

Same for the Spices palette natural unedited day light, swatched without primer and they are stunning are they not? how many times can I say stunning in this post! *cough*

so guys what are your thoughts on these palettes? did you buy anything in the sales lately? I do love sale time! my thoughts a fantastic price point for such a good quality palette, interesting colours, and very very good quality! a steal for how good a quality they are!

you can see my vlog shopping day when I bought these here! I have a youtube channel.
buying the chichi palettes vlog

Until next time!

lots of love

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