Saturday, June 4, 2016

First impressions of a hd sports action camera from ebay

Hi guys, I'm finally doing another blog post! this one is exciting because I purchased a little sports action camera for vlogging purposes and I wanted to do a general first impressions of it and what I think of it so far!  I paid $18.99 for it however I had to contact the seller, in the add it claimed that it has in built wifi which I really wanted to I can export movies into my iphone or ipad and edit on imovie. The camera didn't have wifi, so I complained, and am getting a 30% refund of the total price, but over all for a camera that is under $20 AUD its a pretty funky little camera. I did pay $7 in shipping but that's basically to be expected, overall shipping took 3 weeks from Malaysia.

The specs for this camera are
2.0 inch lcd display
hd video format
70 minutes of recording time
Package Include:
1 X Sports DV
1 X Waterproof Case
1 X bicycle stand
1 X Clip
1 X Helmet base
4 X Bandages
1 X adapter
2 X 3M adhesive tape
1 X USB Cable
1 X Fixed base
1 X Manual
1 X battery (inside)

So far I'm in the I'm getting to know you stage, of figuring out how to work everything correctly, and making sure it does film in 1080p which is what I wanted for my youtube channel. I can film vlogs, videos etc quite easily, the only drawback as I said this model is not wifi enabled so I have to use my laptop to edit, which I'm not fond of as I do like to edit on the go, usually in the same day on my iphone as its quicker, and easier.

Another drawback about this camera is that its only got about an hours worth if filming time, I do have a portable charging battery that I take everywhere wiith me, I got this for my iphone cause the iphone has terrible battery life. But if you didn't have this you could always purchase extra batteries which I will do in the future. But for a budget camera, that has good quality video, its an interesting purchase to make.

I have tested out the recording functions, it does film in 1080p and the image is clear on the laptop, not distorted in any way. The volume is also quite decent for such a little camera, however the waterproof casing will block out and muffle sound, but its not a protective case as such, its for waterproofing, under water you generally don't need sound. It's water proof for up to 30 metres, I have tested it in my sink, and it didn't leak.

It is fashioned after the newer gopro black model, has a very small lcd view finder which I do appreciate.

Over all I'm quite happy with this little vlogging camera! I hope to get an update for you with an actual review. Have you guys used anything like this? recommend any cheap ebay cameras?

Hugs Jess

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