Sunday, July 31, 2016

Review and swatches Shaaanxo palette by Bh Cosmetics

I have been a fan of Shaanxo on youtube for many, many years now and I knew I had to get this palette when she launched it, sadly I wasn't able to order it until recently due to funds but now that I have it, I'm proud of Shannon who continues to strive and grow and improve her videos and makeup skills, I have learned many makeup tricks of my own from Shannon.

I've had this palette for a little while now, and I have been playing with it, swatching it, admiring it, looking at it, that kind of thing. Do guys do that as well when you get a new palette or makeup item? I can't be the only one!

 I also wrote a first impressions on the bhcosmetics haul that I purchased and the link can be found right here. first impressions of bhcosmetics haul
 The palette features
two sided palette
9 eye shadows
9 lipsticks
hydrating and pigmented lipstick formula
pigmented eye shadows with different finishes
clinically tested, paraben free and non irritating.

This was important to me the non irritating and clinical tested part because I have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, I'm prone to dermatitis and dry skin, so it's always handy to know these things about products that go around the eye ball area.

The cost was $14:50 USD but regular price will be $22:00 but I haven't actually seen it change in price at all and its been out for awhile now, that converted to approx $18 or so dollars in AUD my maths is off, not to mention I had to convert postage cost but I had a $3 off voucher at the time of purchasing, Bh cosmetics often do deals.
 So my thoughts on this palette is I love the packaging, the actual dual sides of it is rather interesting and unique. The packaging is sturdy, protects the product inside and has a magnetic closure on each sides, which I really do like. There are of course 3 matte shades of eye shadow, and the rest of the shades are different shimmers. The eye shadows have lovely pigment, and are comparable to the Carli Bybel palette which I have as well. All of the shades are long lasting, beautiful and unique colours, and very pigmented, they blend out like butter, and you have so many varieties of looks you can go for in the one palette.

 The lipsticks, I'm never much of a fan of lipsticks in a pan to be honest, its not the most practical or hygienic however these are pigmented, dry down to a semi matte finish and on me, they can last a fair while as long as I don't eat or drink oily foods etc. I was actually surprised at the quality of the lipsticks even though they are in a pan. I love the shades, all 9 are pigmented, creamy, don't streak, and are easy to apply. I find the 9 shades rather handy though if I ever go travelling, this will be perfect to take with.
 favourite shades are the deep plum shades, the bright pink, and the coral colour, they stand out the most to me. Some lipstick shades such as the nudes and mauvy colours are more sheer and a little less creamy in texture but over all very versatile. I also love that Bh cosmetics is indeed cruelty free and that means a lot to me, as I am converting to cruelty free products.
What are your thoughts on the Shaaanxo palette? have you purchased it yet? I love supporting youtubers where I'm actually able to afford the product and it still being good quality.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Muse cult liquid matte lipstick cruelty free and vegan makeup

Hello, I'm currently procrastinating on what I am meant to be doing which is housework, so I thought I would do something fun first which is writing this blog post. I don't know about you but chores and housework aren't nearly as fun to me. But in the cycle of life and all that jazz it's got to be done, unless you want to be like an episode of hoarders, which is fine, I don't judge.

Today's post is on this lipstick that is by the brand Cult, I'd never heard of it before until a girlfriend had sent it to me, it's in the shade muse. It's meant to be a red matte lipstick, it applies kind of like a stain. The formula is very smooth, and goes on like butter, interestingly I have thin lips and it doesn't seem to make them look thinner.
 It does actually have a mirror on the back, and it has a cool light as well! so literally you could apply this practically anywhere. It's vegan friendly and not tested on animals, which you have to love that! I think the packaging design is cute too, the logo being cult and the double triangle.
 find cult products here they are $14.99 each which I do think is a good price to pay for a liquid matte lipstick. They also do nail polishes, and have a range of shades that I'm in awe of!
 My thoughts, it goes on sheer at first but with the formula you are able to build up very well, and the best part, it doesn't crack!  I believe that's to do with the ingredients in the product which are Coconut Oil, Lychee Extract and Vitamin C & E to condition and moisturize lips. It is vegan, and never tested in animals. It does. Or contain parabens, sulfate a, synthetic fragrances, GMOs or Triclosan.

I find it very comfortable to wear, and hydrating, and it's also very long wearing, it doesn't dry or flake out my lips. The lipstick wears very well, even with eating and drinking, and I didn't have to reapply for about 4 hours.
For my fair skin its a red tone that I'm in love with! it goes very nicely with my complexion,

have you seen these? tried them? let me know!

hugs Jess

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shaaanxo bh cosmetics palette bh cosmetics haul

Hello all! I finally purchased the Shaaanxo palette in collaboration with bh cosmetics! its stunning, I haven't even swatched it as of yet but this post is more of a show and tell rather than a first impressions.

 New products are always so exciting! the postage took a tad longer than expected but nothing happened to the items, so that's the main thing. I am in love with the shades! the 9 eye shadow shades are amazing.
 The lipsticks look so cute and very Shannon like, I'm in love with the deeper tones and I love a good cool toned hot pink. I have swatched the 28 foil shadow palette, they are below, and first thoughts are wow! I can't wait to start playing with this baby.
 it's actually bigger than what I thought, and the shadows are alll a50 mazingly pigmented and so buttery soft, for the $14.50 usd I paid I am indeed going to get my value out of these palettes! the foil palette and the Shaaanxo is on currently on sale for a limited time I believe at a lower price than what I bought.
 This is how my hand looked after all the swatches! haha, that hightlight though!

what are your thoughts? will you be purchasing? have you already purchased?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Australis Cosmetics AC Gems Limited Edition Velourlips Collection

my love of Australis is forever growing, I am steadily building a collection of their makeup that I'm actually quite impressed with, gone are the days of cheap, over priced makeup that was often sold at Kmart, Australis has really picked up their game, especially in following the liquid matte lipstick trend. On point shades such as blue, white, and all the colours of the rainbow thereabouts. I'll show you my growing collection of these velour lipsticks and I hope you enjoy them.
 I'm a lipstick junkie, seemingly these are my crack and I can never have too many, my lipstick collection is beyond 50+ lipsticks. But my go to favourites lately have been Australis. Their price, shades and quality literally can't be beat. I currently have 6 shades, a relatively small collection perhaps, but its growing steadily. I walked into Priceline yesteraday and thought if they had Rad-elaide I would purchase that in a snap, I noticed they had a 30% off sale on Australis so I picked up Rad-elade for $7.99 and the rest I picked up for $5 as they were on clearance!
 As expected Full-moon stone was the hardest to apply and work with, it came off streaky and needed multiple coats, it took about three coats to get an opaque cover that I was happy with, I'll probably end up using this shade as a mixing medium, or eye liner. The blue and green were stunning, and Radelade I'm in love with.
 I do love a good lipstick, and these are amazing quality for the price, and the fact they have such unique colours.These are supposedly in comparison with the NYX liquid lipsticks, but the formula is a little thicker.
The shades I have on swatch top to bottom are the ac gems limited edition and three standard lipsticks. Out of the limited edition range I picked up Full moon-stone, To-paz or not to To-paz, Em-Ruled city. I also got Shanghai and Maliboo, of course I also picked up their latest release, Rad-elaide.

I'm going to try and hunt down the last shade in the batch of limited editions which is Quartz and All but Radelade is somewhat similar.

Have you got a growing collection of velour lipsticks? what are your favourites? are you sucked into limited editions like I am?

hugs Jess

Friday, July 22, 2016

Urban decay palette naked 3 dupe Maybelline blushed nudes palette

Hello! today I'm sharing my thoughts on the Maybelline blushed nudes palette that I purchased for $18.99 at Coles supermarkets last week whilst it was on sale, I did this in my grocery shopping cause I feel like I'm getting myself something for free (meaning its not coming out of my allowance but it kinda is haha) do any of you do this too? 
 The packaging is such a pretty rose gold colour, Rose gold seems to be right on trend at the moment, and the shades in the palette are amazing. I didn't swatch all mainly the really light shades take a bit of work  but the dark ones are amazing, the mauve colour that's nearest the black is my favourite out of the lot.
 Supposedly a dupe for the Urban decay naked 3 palette, I don't know for sure as I don't own the palette but seeing swatches online and reviews, it's a pretty close call! These kind of palettes are literally coming out of the woodworks everywhere! So the eye shadow comes housed within a typical plastic packaging, contains two sponge eye shadow applicators. Overall I think they did a good job on the actual packaging itself.
 The colours in this palette are stunning, not too powdery or chalky which is a bonus considering the price of it in Australia. Overall the shades are what got me to buy this palette, I love the tones, the satins, mattes and shimmers.
have you tried these yet? what are your thoughts on this palette? is it a dupe? what are your thoughts on its price in Australia?

hugs Jess

Thursday, July 21, 2016

ABH glow kit two affordable dupes under $15

Instagram, is to blame for this post today! and I don't believe anyone else has done a comparison such as this yet...

I purchase palettes, and I purchase highlighters, a bit of an obsession, one might say. Perhaps but I could have worse vices am I right? But from looking online, watching youtube videos, I do believe these could be compared with the ABH glow kit shades. Let me know your thoughts on this?

But this is a comparison about two different products that kinda, accidentally look very similar, perhaps just on trend, perhaps taking inspiration from certain highlighting shades that are on point right now. But this comparison was a surprise, it was suggested to me by my friend on Instagram, did the Carli Bybel palette and the Models prefer radiance collection highlighting kit look similar with the highlighters?

My friend wasn't able to get the models prefer kit however just purchased the Carli Bybel palette, and as I had both the products at hand, I thought I would compare...
 Let's talk about these highlighting shades that are seen in sooooo many kits these days, does the glow kit ring a bell? if you actually swirl around these shades you can produce a very similar effect with the Carli Bybel palette, so I've heard. The palettes are both very good quality, in product and packaging. Which is a good sign for the actual makeup itself for applying.I paidid US $14.50 for the Carli Bybel palette and just over $10 AUS for the Models prefer radiance collection highlighting kit.

 The shades are equally as stunning as each other, both very pigmented, the top three swatched are the Carli Bybel palette highlighting shades and the bottom three on my wrist are the Models prefer shades.
 Now lets state the obvious, the Carli Bybel palette has four shades, the Models prefer has three shades. But for just over $10 I'm not complaining. They all swatch very nicely, and layered they give a beautiful sheen and glow on the face.

Overall I think the quality of these are amazing, the effect when swirled together is incredible and you get to save money! who doesn't love that?

so what do you guys think? have you tried these? have you tried the glow kit itself? let me know your thoughts! 

love Jess

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