Thursday, July 21, 2016

ABH glow kit two affordable dupes under $15

Instagram, is to blame for this post today! and I don't believe anyone else has done a comparison such as this yet...

I purchase palettes, and I purchase highlighters, a bit of an obsession, one might say. Perhaps but I could have worse vices am I right? But from looking online, watching youtube videos, I do believe these could be compared with the ABH glow kit shades. Let me know your thoughts on this?

But this is a comparison about two different products that kinda, accidentally look very similar, perhaps just on trend, perhaps taking inspiration from certain highlighting shades that are on point right now. But this comparison was a surprise, it was suggested to me by my friend on Instagram, did the Carli Bybel palette and the Models prefer radiance collection highlighting kit look similar with the highlighters?

My friend wasn't able to get the models prefer kit however just purchased the Carli Bybel palette, and as I had both the products at hand, I thought I would compare...
 Let's talk about these highlighting shades that are seen in sooooo many kits these days, does the glow kit ring a bell? if you actually swirl around these shades you can produce a very similar effect with the Carli Bybel palette, so I've heard. The palettes are both very good quality, in product and packaging. Which is a good sign for the actual makeup itself for applying.I paidid US $14.50 for the Carli Bybel palette and just over $10 AUS for the Models prefer radiance collection highlighting kit.

 The shades are equally as stunning as each other, both very pigmented, the top three swatched are the Carli Bybel palette highlighting shades and the bottom three on my wrist are the Models prefer shades.
 Now lets state the obvious, the Carli Bybel palette has four shades, the Models prefer has three shades. But for just over $10 I'm not complaining. They all swatch very nicely, and layered they give a beautiful sheen and glow on the face.

Overall I think the quality of these are amazing, the effect when swirled together is incredible and you get to save money! who doesn't love that?

so what do you guys think? have you tried these? have you tried the glow kit itself? let me know your thoughts! 

love Jess

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