Sunday, July 24, 2016

Australis Cosmetics AC Gems Limited Edition Velourlips Collection

my love of Australis is forever growing, I am steadily building a collection of their makeup that I'm actually quite impressed with, gone are the days of cheap, over priced makeup that was often sold at Kmart, Australis has really picked up their game, especially in following the liquid matte lipstick trend. On point shades such as blue, white, and all the colours of the rainbow thereabouts. I'll show you my growing collection of these velour lipsticks and I hope you enjoy them.
 I'm a lipstick junkie, seemingly these are my crack and I can never have too many, my lipstick collection is beyond 50+ lipsticks. But my go to favourites lately have been Australis. Their price, shades and quality literally can't be beat. I currently have 6 shades, a relatively small collection perhaps, but its growing steadily. I walked into Priceline yesteraday and thought if they had Rad-elaide I would purchase that in a snap, I noticed they had a 30% off sale on Australis so I picked up Rad-elade for $7.99 and the rest I picked up for $5 as they were on clearance!
 As expected Full-moon stone was the hardest to apply and work with, it came off streaky and needed multiple coats, it took about three coats to get an opaque cover that I was happy with, I'll probably end up using this shade as a mixing medium, or eye liner. The blue and green were stunning, and Radelade I'm in love with.
 I do love a good lipstick, and these are amazing quality for the price, and the fact they have such unique colours.These are supposedly in comparison with the NYX liquid lipsticks, but the formula is a little thicker.
The shades I have on swatch top to bottom are the ac gems limited edition and three standard lipsticks. Out of the limited edition range I picked up Full moon-stone, To-paz or not to To-paz, Em-Ruled city. I also got Shanghai and Maliboo, of course I also picked up their latest release, Rad-elaide.

I'm going to try and hunt down the last shade in the batch of limited editions which is Quartz and All but Radelade is somewhat similar.

Have you got a growing collection of velour lipsticks? what are your favourites? are you sucked into limited editions like I am?

hugs Jess

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