Sunday, July 31, 2016

Review and swatches Shaaanxo palette by Bh Cosmetics

I have been a fan of Shaanxo on youtube for many, many years now and I knew I had to get this palette when she launched it, sadly I wasn't able to order it until recently due to funds but now that I have it, I'm proud of Shannon who continues to strive and grow and improve her videos and makeup skills, I have learned many makeup tricks of my own from Shannon.

I've had this palette for a little while now, and I have been playing with it, swatching it, admiring it, looking at it, that kind of thing. Do guys do that as well when you get a new palette or makeup item? I can't be the only one!

 I also wrote a first impressions on the bhcosmetics haul that I purchased and the link can be found right here. first impressions of bhcosmetics haul
 The palette features
two sided palette
9 eye shadows
9 lipsticks
hydrating and pigmented lipstick formula
pigmented eye shadows with different finishes
clinically tested, paraben free and non irritating.

This was important to me the non irritating and clinical tested part because I have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, I'm prone to dermatitis and dry skin, so it's always handy to know these things about products that go around the eye ball area.

The cost was $14:50 USD but regular price will be $22:00 but I haven't actually seen it change in price at all and its been out for awhile now, that converted to approx $18 or so dollars in AUD my maths is off, not to mention I had to convert postage cost but I had a $3 off voucher at the time of purchasing, Bh cosmetics often do deals.
 So my thoughts on this palette is I love the packaging, the actual dual sides of it is rather interesting and unique. The packaging is sturdy, protects the product inside and has a magnetic closure on each sides, which I really do like. There are of course 3 matte shades of eye shadow, and the rest of the shades are different shimmers. The eye shadows have lovely pigment, and are comparable to the Carli Bybel palette which I have as well. All of the shades are long lasting, beautiful and unique colours, and very pigmented, they blend out like butter, and you have so many varieties of looks you can go for in the one palette.

 The lipsticks, I'm never much of a fan of lipsticks in a pan to be honest, its not the most practical or hygienic however these are pigmented, dry down to a semi matte finish and on me, they can last a fair while as long as I don't eat or drink oily foods etc. I was actually surprised at the quality of the lipsticks even though they are in a pan. I love the shades, all 9 are pigmented, creamy, don't streak, and are easy to apply. I find the 9 shades rather handy though if I ever go travelling, this will be perfect to take with.
 favourite shades are the deep plum shades, the bright pink, and the coral colour, they stand out the most to me. Some lipstick shades such as the nudes and mauvy colours are more sheer and a little less creamy in texture but over all very versatile. I also love that Bh cosmetics is indeed cruelty free and that means a lot to me, as I am converting to cruelty free products.
What are your thoughts on the Shaaanxo palette? have you purchased it yet? I love supporting youtubers where I'm actually able to afford the product and it still being good quality.



  1. The Shaaanxo Palette is such a good palette! Those deep plum shades are going to be perfect to wear during the Fall! The shadows are so pigmented!

    1. Pilar I know right? it's truly a stunning palette overall!

  2. i was till really on the fence about this palette but u have made me really really want it again! I like supporting you tubers as well. Great review doll!

    1. hahaha yass I have enabled another one heehee, let me know when you order it! it's such a good palette! thanks love!

  3. I don't like how the shadows feel--I know I'm weird, lol--but I get that's for the price. It's a lovely palette, but I rarely play with the lip colors. Is it strange I only bought this because a friend suggested it--i've never seen the girl's videos before!

    1. Elle on my youtube channel I'm doing a review and swatch, I agree about the shadows, they are slightly powedery, but still rather pigmented, I hardly use the lip colours only because its a pan lipstick, but for the price its pretty good!

  4. Both palettes look nice, but I agree, I've never been a fan of the pan lipsticks. It just seems a bit messy. But it does look really pretty!



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