Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shaaanxo bh cosmetics palette bh cosmetics haul

Hello all! I finally purchased the Shaaanxo palette in collaboration with bh cosmetics! its stunning, I haven't even swatched it as of yet but this post is more of a show and tell rather than a first impressions.

 New products are always so exciting! the postage took a tad longer than expected but nothing happened to the items, so that's the main thing. I am in love with the shades! the 9 eye shadow shades are amazing.
 The lipsticks look so cute and very Shannon like, I'm in love with the deeper tones and I love a good cool toned hot pink. I have swatched the 28 foil shadow palette, they are below, and first thoughts are wow! I can't wait to start playing with this baby.
 it's actually bigger than what I thought, and the shadows are alll a50 mazingly pigmented and so buttery soft, for the $14.50 usd I paid I am indeed going to get my value out of these palettes! the foil palette and the Shaaanxo is on currently on sale for a limited time I believe at a lower price than what I bought.
 This is how my hand looked after all the swatches! haha, that hightlight though!

what are your thoughts? will you be purchasing? have you already purchased?


  1. I was thinking about grabbing the ShaaanXo palette but just haven't made the jump yet. I love that it has lipsticks as well though. Your hand is hilarious! Imagine if you had rubbed your face with that hand before noticing! LOL!

    1. hahaha I know! its such a good palette, and yes imagine I'd be a glowing hot mess rofl

  2. I love the Shaaanxo Palette! The lipsticks are so pigmented! I've been torn between getting the foil eyes palettes, but I think next time I do a bh cosmetics haul I'm going to order it! Great post, your hand definitely has a highlighter glow lol!

    1. Pilar on my instagram I have better swatches, I actually love the foil palette, they are buttery smooth, and so pigmented, these swatches I took with the natural light dying cause it was nearing the end of the day. but go on my insta which is jessicacookbirds


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