Thursday, September 22, 2016

Body Blendz fit detox tea review should you try a teatox?

Hello lovelies, a little while ago I was sent a couple of products to try and then review by the brand called Body Blendz, they have brought out a detox tea that is easy, affordable and quite a good quality tea blend. I chose to do this because I've gained a few kilo's and have been wanting to see if a fit tea is actually any good. I had never tried a fit detox tea before and had seen a lot of hype via instagram and youtube.

So I was excited to try a detox tea, to see if they worked, and or tasted just like everyone was saying. Shipping was about a week and a half and the packaging was fine, there is a website where you can find their diet plan for extra results but I didn't follow this. Fit Detox tea so It wanted one that was all natural and relatively gentle, so  finding out that its all natural, contain's no laxatives, and is caffeine free I was very happy! its also gluten and dairy free which makes it suitable for most consumers. 
 I was also able to review the bodyblendz coffee scrub which I have done so on my youtube channel and I love it! you can find that review here the thing I loved about this detox tea is that its very gentle, all natural and they use organic herbs in their tea blend. I loved the peppermint taste and as it was the night time cleanse, I found it calming and relaxing to have before bed before I go ahead with my night time skin care routine. What's in it? Fennel seed which is great for getting rid of unwanted fluid, nettle leaf is great for allergies, marshmallow leaf is used for pain and swelling, peppermint is used to help reduce stomach upsets, and olive leaf is used to boost the immune system.

How to use it
1 teaspoon or 1 gram of product into a strainer, steep in boiling hot water for 3-4 minutes, then drink as usual. I found it actually went through my strainer, probably too fine for it, an actual infuser would probably work better.
 So why go on a tea tox program in the first place?
it can help boost your metabolism, of course they are trying to reduce bloating, and flush out toxins as well as hydrate the body because you are drinking extra fluids. I am a huge coffee lover and feel that sometimes my metabolism is sluggish some days.

Whilst I didn't see any reduction in bloating, I did feel more energised and my skin is also looking a lot clearer. I haven't lost weight but I'm actually not really trying to lose weight at the moment, so over all not a bad tea to try.
How strong is the diuretic or laxative effect?
 I honestly found that there was no effect in this for me at all, which I was actually very grateful for because I have had a bad reaction with a slimming tea in the past.

I do think teatox tea's a a fad basically being marketed towards people who want that instant flatter stomach, I find a more holistic approach to weight loss easier, and much more effective than trying tablets or drinks. Though if you are a tea fanatic you might like it for the ingredients themselves within the blend.

I did find the tea calming, it reduced my anxiety so I could relax more and concentrate on getting better sleep, I also found my skin to be in clearer condition, it had less redness and seemed to be breaking out less.

what do you think of these sorts of teas? tried any?

hugs Jess

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