Sunday, September 25, 2016

Essence all about greys eye shadow palette review

I've been going through my stash of eye shadow palettes and I think I may have to go on a spending ban on at least eye shadows because lets just say I have a lot! we'll see if the spending ban actually happens though. Today's post is about a relatively new palette, and its a small, travel friendly size that packs a punch. The all about greys palette by Essence cosmetics is one of my favourite palettes for every day use, because it can take me from day to night and it has an amazing range of shades and finishes to suit everyone's needs. Plus being very affordable, its on trend with the colours and and affordability as well.

The all about greys palette is one of my favourites because the black eye shadow is not only matte but really intense as well. Which is rare I believe for a drugstore eyeshadow palette to have such a decent black within it. The packaging is your typical transparent, acrylic pan that holds 8 eye shadows within it, so I think 8 shades are a great number because it gives you the right amount of colours to create a huge array of looks with.  You get 9.5 grams of product in total, which I think is quite a bit for the compact packaging.
 I picked up mine from Target where I get most of my Essence products from, if you haven't tried their new eye shadow formula you really should, they have upped their game and are addictive once you start with them!

So the colours, you get 8 of course starting at the lightest you get a really pretty highlighty white colour that has a little bit of shimmer, underneath that is almost a skin colour, light a light beige that is a fantastic transition colour Then you go through the greys and into the really nice dark greys and blacks that makes the palette so interesting instead of just being a dull grey palette.
 The formulation of the eye shadows is much better than what I used to know Essence eye shadows to be, apart from the single eye shadows, I believe these shades would suit a lot of different skin tones and be wearable for so many occasions. As always the swatches were done on no primer, and on one swipe so clearly they are pigmented.
What do you guys think of these palettes? got any favourites? will you be trying them?

hugs Jess

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