Tuesday, September 13, 2016

nudes continue to take over... MUD makeup design eye shadow palette

on this very gloomy and wet afternoon in Melbourne, in which I am procrastinating studying for an exam that is fast coming up, I am writing a blog post about a makeup brand that is seemingly very underrated in the beauty community. I was in Woolworths the other day and they stock a very exentisve range of MUD makeup design. I picked up their eye shadow palette which is a nude themed eye shadow palette, consisting of 5 shades, 4 shimmers and 1 matte.

 The packaging is quite sturdy for a little plastic case which is quite handy for travelling or for school or work touch ups when required. It comes with two little foam applicators which are quite useless if you ask me. I swatched these one swipe in natural lighting with no primer, and the formula actually surprised me.
 The darkest brown on the left end is the only matte colour in the entire palette however the shades are all well pigmented, and buttery soft, I paid just under $12 for this palette which I thought was relatively pricey considering it's only 5 shades. However these are very on trend shades at the moment, and even resemble some in the MAC warm neutral 15 eye shadow palette, so its obviously much less in price and more accessible.
 Some kick back in the pan after I swatched, the matte shade not as creamy soft as the shimmers but just as pigmented. The formula is actually long wearing on my eyes, and I use a primer set with powder for a creaseless application. You can create some really pretty every day and even make it night time wearable with this little palette.  The only reason I really picked up this in the first place was because I had to spend a certain amount at Woolworths for a points thing I was doing! however I'm quite glad I got this.
so should you pick this up? it's basically a win in my opinion but so many brands offer nude palettes these days. I do like the travel size option as its great in my makeup bag and doesn't take up too much room. So for that in itself it will get more use than some of my bigger nude palettes that I already own.

Have you tried this? what are your thoughts?

hugs Jess

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