Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review of the Models Prefer Limited edition "shadows" party glam swatches

I was walking around the beauty section of Priceline and was taken aback by the new eye shadow range they stocked! I was stoked to see that they are all affordable and nicely packaged as well in a cute little tin.

Models prefer have really upped their game in the makeup department as of late, if you didn't know, Models prefer is Pricelines own homebrand makeup line available in Priceline at a very affordable price, they also do hair care, skin care and makeup brushes. Every so often Models prefer will bring out limited edition range, and I grabbed this and am so glad I did, the range of colours is great for day to night, work or school. 

 The eye shadow itself is very pigmented, smooth and buttery, easy to blend out and use on the lids with or without primer. I believe I paid $10 for this palette, and I love the range of mattes and shimmers in this tin! its quite a good eyeshadow palette to grab if you are in a Priceline store and see it, you won't be disappointed.
 I always get sucked into limited edition makeup and if it turns out to be a good buy then yay! and this one was, in my opinion a steal! The palettes also come with this really nice double ended brush which actually does the job really well and is really soft, so for the value of this palette you basically get a free brush included! not a horrible foam applicator.
 Can I also mention a drugstore palette naming their shadows on the actual packaging and not on a plastic slip! can we get a hell yeah! finally someone actually doing this.
In the pan you do get a bit of kick back from the eye shadow but on the eye lids no fall out and it blends really well. Doesn't blend to nothing and pigmentation is really nice. I think a great selection of colours that will suit everyone's needs. This is the type of palette that if you accidentally dropped and cracked the eye shadow you wouldn't feel that badly.., maybe.

Often stocked around Holidays and new seasons so its periodic that they bring out these limited edition products.

Have you tried models prefer? what are your thoughts?


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