Friday, September 16, 2016

Romantic in pink

The colour pink often has me scared and often ignoring it, at least in the makeup department, especially more so with eye shadow, I don't want to look like I have pink eye, or have some weird form of disease because I used the wrong shade of pink for my skin tone, I have a lot of redness in y skin, so I often stay away from those shades, however I teamed up with Glossier to bring you a post about the colour pink! I featured the bh cosmetics 28 foil palette which is one of my new favourite palettes at the moment.
The bh cosmetics 28 foil palette has a great range of shades, ranging from colours to more earthy shades that I adore. I created a very wearable look with this palette, using the mauves and pinks to create a halo eye, which would be great for hooded eyes as well as I have hooded eyes.

I came up with this eye shadow look using my bh cosmetics 28 foil palette and by chichi cosmetics spices palette and I love it! I also created a youtube video on how I created the look, youtube video on this lookwhich you can find here! I teamed up this halo, glowy eye look with a matte foundation, light bronzing and a nude lipgloss over a mauve lip liner.
It's no secret that I suck with winged eye liner, but ignore the unevenness of it, I used my toofaced felt pen liner and I love it, its very easy to use. I got it in the Nikkie tutorials palette collection. 

I found blending is key for this eye look, especially because I have hooded eyes I like to bring the crease shade up a little higher creating a new crease.. So what do you think of bh cosmetics in general? I love their palettes, I currently own 4.

hugs Jess

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