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spa day at home for congested oily skin problems

Hello all, today I'm rounding up some products in which I use for an effective and pretty good spa day at home, if you are like me and don't have the luxury of a bathtub you need these products in your life, it will make showering more fun and relaxing and you'll not miss the bathtub so much, I haven't had a bath in over 10 years! our bathroom is too small to actually fit one in. So I've worked out ways in which I can still get that relaxing experience and its affordable as well! found at the usual places like Priceline, Coles supermarkets, Woolworths so they are pretty accessible items that have become staples.

So first thing to do for a spa day is a deep cleanse, my deep cleansing routine consists of two products.
Formula 10006 so totally clean $8 
 The first is the formula 1006 product which I use as a step just to remove any access makeup residue and it helps to open and clear out the pores ready for the actual cleansing as I do a double cleanse with this method. I found this at Priceline and I got it in the 40% off sale, so it's relatively affordable at the best of times anyways.
Goodness natural beauty lab cream cleanser $12.95
This is actually my favourite current cleanser, I picked it up at Woolworths on special for just over $12 and oh my goodness, it feels so nice and smells really good. It doesn't rub away into nothing because I'm used to foam cleansers. This really gets all the dirt, makeup, and helps prep my skin because its got really hydrating ingredients in it. It smells faintly of cucumbers and fresh grass which is a nice surprise but doesn't linger.

Formula 1006 Deep down detox and ever yuth peel off mask $5 for everyuth and $9 for formula
These two I use depending on what I feel my skin needs the most, and I love them both for different reasons. When my skin is dull and needs a pick me up I use the peel off mask, its brightening and clarifies my redness It also helps tighten pores and cleanses the skin. The mud mask is great, this one I love because of the scent, smells like an orange smoothie, and its very cleansing.
Garnier anti shine cleanser and toner $7 each
I picked these two up from Woolworths after reading their claims, a few weeks ago and ever since have been loving them, they take away the micro film left on my skin, doesn't irritate and helps to keep my skin matte throughout the day.

Loreal men expert charcoal cleanser $13 
I know what you are thinking but this is a mans product, well I picked it up out of desperation because I was sick and tired of my black heads, this is the only thing that manages my congested clogged skin, I don't have any problems with it and love that it has cleansing properties in it that actually work!

Biosource skin care oil $15
I love this product so so much! I picked it up on special at Priceline and even though mineral oil is high up in the ingredient listing it doesn't effect my skin at all, I slather this on at night,including like a lip balm and my skin is so velvety soft and my lips are smooth and plump.

Eye cream from kmart $5 

This little eye cream has really surprised me, my friend Tanya got me interested in eye creams and originally I thought they were a waste of time, however I noticed in photos my under eye bag area were looking very creasy and dry. I picked this up because I loved the natural ingredients in it and it actually works! the caffeine de puffs my eyes and its smooth and light and really hydrates the skin.

Simple sensitive light moisturiser $9 
I have been using this stuff for years, its great, absorbs well, is gentle and is a no fuss moisturiser that I can rely on. I don't want one that's heavy and will clog up my pores even more congested skin really lets you know if it doesn't like a product and this one my skin has loved.

Body shop hemp body butter $15 half price
I picked this up because my body suffers from extremely dry skin, and this works like a charm, I even like the smell, even though my hubby doesn't. It's thick but non greasy and really helps to keep my reptile skin at bay.

So guys these are my favourite skin care products I use for an at home day spa experience, and that is also my skin care routine for helping congested oily skin! what products have you tried? got any favourites!



  1. The orange peel off mask caught my eye as I love peel offs! And that Loreal mens charcoal cleanser sounds awesome! Who cares if it is targeted for men, if it works I would use it too!

    1. the orange peel off mask is literally amazing! it brightens my skin so much! and yes the loreal charcoal cleanser is so good!

  2. Very interesting products that garnier series sounds good.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. The garnier series really surprised me, I wasn't expecting to like it so much!

  3. Me winter and autumn must have is hemp hand cream fron body shop

    1. yes! especially if you have super dry skin, its really nice and I love it!

  4. As I have dry skin, I haven't tried most of these, but good to know there are some great options out there for those that need it!


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