Friday, October 7, 2016

a 60 year old cottage garden, making memories

I thought I would share a day in photos! I spent the day with my mum because yesterday was my 32nd birthday!

we went to my nannas house to spend time and then wen't opshopping and we had a really great afternon. My mum is sick with Muscular dystrophy so time with my mum is really rather special to me.

For me these types of blog posts are sharing memories, a keepsake that I can look back on and enjoy.

 I'm the first child out of 3 in my family so I am the eldest and mum always says I was her easiest haha.
 my nan is 85 years old this year and has always done her own gardening, even down to mowing the lawn. This is a 60 year old cottage garden that she has looked after for all this time.
 I love flowers and scents that come from a blooming garden that has been tended to with such love and care.
 When I got home there was mail day and my lovely friend Tanya sent me these goodies for my birthday! she lives in NSW so we chat via snapchat all the time.
 Included in the package she sent me my first ever mac product and its a mac lipstick! in the shade hoop. I will be wearing it tonight when I go out for my birthday dinner! but I do feel very loved and spoiled!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my nannas garden! what's special in your world? for me its special places like my nans garden that makes me feel comfortable and content in this world.


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