Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A spending ban and project pan

Hello lovelies today's post is a bit because I wen't a bit addicted to buying eye shadow palettes these past few months, and I figured I need to put them to good use before I buy any new ones unless some really grab my attention, however for now I am on an eye shadow spending ban, there! I said it! I've put myself on it. So I looked into my stash and figured I'd blog about an oldie but a goodie that I have loved for ages.

 I am a huge fan of Designer brands by db a cosmetic company that started within Australia and is now fully cruelty free as well as vegan. This is an older palette that I'm not sure is in their range anymore or in their vegan range but I do know that it is in fact cruelty free. I paid $6 for this palette a year and a half ago at my local chemist and I have not regretted it one bit.
 It comes in this super cute and very glittery clutch style packaging which I thought was adorable as it meant you can travel with it, in style!  The shadows are smooth, buttery and very pigmented! very happy with the different finishes, one matte and its also quite pigmented, these swatches were one swipe, no primer and taken in natural lighting by my bedroom window.
 They do throw a little kick back in the pan but that doesn't transfer to fall out under the eye but I always do my eyes first before applying foundation, so I can clean it up relatively easy if there is any fall out. I love how this can easily carry from Day time to nighttime, and is such a versatile palette with the shades.
It's such a pity they discontinued it but honestly its lasted me ages and it is still going strong as I haven't really touched some of the shades yet. Have you gone on a spending ban?


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