Saturday, October 8, 2016

Amie Naturally Kind Spring Clean Cleansing Mask

The Amie Naturally Kind Spring Clean cleansing Mask is a bit of a mouthful after reading the title, but that's basically it in a nutshell, I'm very into skincare at the moment and this mud mask has found its way into my routine.

Today's mud mask is brought to you by Amie, an English brand that I have recently found at Priceline. I love a good deep cleansing mud mask that really feels like its getting into those pores and getting all the gunk out. I suffer from congested clogged and oily skin that are prone to break outs, and whiteheads, lately I have been fairly ok with black heads but am still working my way through the beauty products. I also love that tightening effect that only face masks can give, it makes me feel like I am having a mini face lift, and am really giving my pores a work out, shrinking them and not having to worry about them! is anyone else like that?

So Amie is an English brand, and I was reading through its ingredients and I am able to say its very natural based. It's gentle on my skin though it does have a very zingy effect thanks to the peppermint extract. The feeling makes my skin feel awake and cleansed and brightens so its a good one if you have dull skin.

so the ingredients are and these are in order, so Kaolin clay is right up there in how much of it is actually in it. If you didn't know, where the ingredients are placed on the label is basically a guide to how much is actually in the product, so if Kaolin clay is second, its not diluted down so much with other ingredients, making it more effective. It is free from parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, and animal extracts which makes it suitable for vegetarians.
Kaolin clay
zinc oxide
magnesium aluminum silicate
lime leaf essential oil this is antibacterial and will help keep those blemishes away
peppermint extract also antibacterial and really clears those clogged pores making them able to shrink in size
 I love the packaging, the mint green matches what the colour of the mud mask looks like, and is so cute and bright. The texture is smooth and thick but easily applies and spreads across an even layer on the skin. Doesn't take long to dry, about 15 minutes depending on the thickness, and washes off easily with luke warm water. I can't stand those masks that take forever to break up, basically ruins the whole aspect of doing a relaxing mud mask in the first place!
 I found this mask to be very cooling, it has a fun zesty fresh scent that wakes me up and makes me feel like I've accomplished something. I am a huge sucker for anything that smells good enough to eat. So I'm really impressed with this mud mask and I am really keen to try other things from their range because Priceline seems to be stocking more of it which makes it so much more accessible! Because its cooling it helps to reduce my redness, soothe my skin and it has a very fresh feeling afterwards, almost like that menthol feeling, which I quite enjoy. It's not a burning feeling but a very refreshing cooling tingly feel, on my skin it doesn't hurt but for sensitive types it might not work well.
have you tried Amie products before? what are your thoughts? interested?


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