Sunday, October 23, 2016

graduating year 12 as a mature adult student

I graduated this week! I went back as an adult to finish my vce year 12, it took two years as I did it part time. I didn't have to do year 12 as I am 32 years old, however I wanted to do something that I had felt like I had missed out on as I had dropped out of high school in year 9. I also felt like that studying year 12 would give me a good study routine for further education for studying my bachelor of arts next year.

So this post is about my graduation day, I felt so proud to have finally actually accomplishing it, year 12 is a lot harder than what you may think.

So graduation day started with a fresh berry smoothie which was delish and I was up bright and early as I start school at 8:.30am.
 Most of these pics were taken on snapchat and its showing us on muck up day and then on the actual graduation day where we had grad lunch and awards.

 Free tacos for the students which was a nice touch, who doesn't like tacos?
 These guys were what made class bearable, some days were really hard to get up, dressed and sorted, having pain issues I found it really confronting some days. But knowing my pals were there made it easier.
my last bathroom outfit pic. I chucked on the outfit and my friend and I called it granny goth haha, the cardi with the tank.

So graduation lunch was the standard buffet but it was mainly to see the group one last time as we were and really know we had graduated.

 The guys that made me laugh when I was feeling stressed or anxious and the ones who kept me sane through the mountain of homework and assignments. I still have these guys on snapchat which is great.

Thank you for a fantastic year guys, its had its ups and downs for sure, but knowing we all went through it together is great. I have my end of year exams coming up in the next couple of weeks to get my atar score. That's daunting to say the least!

but we made it and that's the best thing of all. I'm still processing that year 12 is over, I'm a very routine person. It feels weird knowing I won't be going back to those classes.

Is anyone else like that?

so that's my graduation day! has anyone else graduated recently?


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  1. Congrats Jessica! Graduating is a wonderful accomplishments and a feeling like no other!


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