Friday, October 21, 2016

The Golden Wonder lush bath bomb

Lush, its basically every beauty youtuber and blogger talks about, Lush this, Lush that, well for someone who hasn't got a bath in her household... aka me, it makes it very hard to try all the pretty goodies that Lush has to offer. Well I was offered a gig to house sit for the week, and I thought they have a bath, and mind you we have lived in our house for 10 years and that means I haven't had a bath in 10 years!

I made the most of it, I picked up 3 goodies last Sunday as I was in the city, I picked up the The Golden Wonder Christmas lush bath bomb, the bath melt as the sales person said it was the last batch they would be doing before summer, and I also picked up the Dragons eggs bath bomb, today however I am reviewing the Wonder Bar Christmas limited edition bath bomb.

 It's a very pretty bath bomb to behold, a fine sheen of sparkle around it and a white design on the top of it, it's also fairly large and looks rather festive.It is a giant present wrapped up in a bow, (that's the design if you didn't get it) and mind you it hides something inside.
 Apparently this is one of Lush's biggest bath bombs yet, so the present keeps on giving within the experience. It's also been designed around an old favourite Snow Shower jelly which is great because years ago I remember being raved about. I place the bathbomb in the water and it instantly fizzes into a glorious display.
 A mix of pink, blues, yellow, and purple with a hint of shimmer covers the surface of the water and when the fizzing stops and the bath bomb has disappeared you are left with the most stunning swirls of colour in an aqua green tub of water. Did I mention he shimmer?
 The bath water is actually changed as well, the feel is silky smooth, and it smells heavenly, very uplifting and refreshing.Warming and zingy, it made me feel relaxed and happy all at once. The gold sheen was also transferred onto my body which was pretty.
 I love that this is a vegan friendly product, and is an affordable treat that would make anyone feel like a million dollars! The only con was that I felt like the scent of it didn't linger too long, but people might like that in this product.
 For $8.95 I think its reasonably priced, as it was my first ever lush bath bomb I don't have others to compare it to but I think its priced well for its size and the quality of the experience it gives, my body was left feeling smooth and moisturised as well.

what are your lush favourites?


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