Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is the new Bath and body works worth it? shopping day in pictures and a vlog!

Hello all! I thought I would share with you my experience, checking out the new Chadstone shopping centre which reopened for the first time as of last week. I wen't with my friend Kiera and we had so much fun! Also at the end of it I will post my vlog about it so you can watch it, if you would like to! Be warned these are snapchat photos but they are still fun and capture the great time we had at the new complex. We checked out the new Sephora and Bath and body works, the Bath and Body works are so over priced in store, in our opinion, if you splurge on that then go you! but we still had lots of fun and laughs.

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It started out as a beautiful sunny day but not too warm which was lovely! travelling there by bus however took for ages and was not as lovely but we still entertained ourselves and had a good time.

 Travelling to Chadstone took forever but I loved seeing the Kfashion that was on the bus it was so cool.
Chadstone new section looks amazing!
 and interesting new fashion ugg heels!
 Of course you need a screaming reindeer from Daiso this cracked us up so much!

 The food we had was from Muffin break and it was actually really yummy and very fresh as well so check out Muffin break.

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my chadstone shopping vog

let me know if you check out the vlog! where have you been shopping lately?



  1. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


    1. thanks so much Arron glad you enjoy it!


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