Thursday, January 28, 2016

a vegan friendly day in pictures

 Hi lovelies, today I thought I'd share with you a lovely day I had through last week! it was a simple day, an outing with my partner. We went into Lygon st in Melbourne, which was something different and fun. First off though is my cat Krissy! I love how she folds her paws in!
 Don't judge! lol it was cheat day haha I was really craving something naughty like this, I'm trying to eat less and less meat, I probably only have meat about once or twice a week. Which is a lot less than what I used too, everything else is vegetarian friendly.
 Soy latte! yummy yummy! I was at a gluten friendly cafe when I had this, everything is gluten free, sadly I don't remember the name!!
 We had perfect weather! so nice and sunny, not too warm, just the way I like the weather to be!!
 yes! more treats! we went to a bakery that uses vegan friendly cream! I didn't really know that was so mainstream now! so I was surprised! these are cinnamon jam and cream donuts!
 Then I hauled some makeup cause they were on special and Db is cruelty free and vegan friendly! so that makes me feel good!
hows your day been?

hugs Jess

Monday, January 25, 2016

Eos dupe? Designer brands by db balm balls cruelty free Australian makeup blog review

Good morning! and happy Australia day to those in Australia or for those who celebrate it! today I'm sharing an Australian branded product, which I am in love with! its the Designer brads by db, balm balls! it looks similar to an eos, and the actual lipbalm itself, feels similar when applied, I have a couple of eos lipbalms to compare it with.

Their usual price is $4.99 but I picked up this one for $3.99 as my local chemist was having a sale, I love a good makeup saving! this flavour is Berry bliss, I love the pastel purple of the container, and it smells, amazing! not sickly sweet, but not tart either, a lovely combination that doesn't smell like that fake cosmetic fruit scent.
 These also look somewhat similar to the revo lipbalms that were launched late last year in Australia, I am yet to try those. I do love the trend that is a sphere lip balm, it actually does make it surprisingly easier to apply. I do love how these feel on the lips, smooth, and the scent lingers,but its not in your face. Wear time, for me is a couple of hours, because I have severe, dry chapped lips, that need the moisture! I feel that these help soothe and smooth the lips.

The packaging as you can see, is so cute! you get a great amount of product as well, these have peppermint, johoba oil, and coconut oil in as skin loving ingredients and they are both cruelty free, and vegan friendly. The sphere shape makes it great for travelling, and the lid is secure, as is the rest of the packaging. Not a bad buy for under $5 even when not on sale! I'll be getting more flavours!

Have you tried these?

Hugs Jess

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Designer brands eye ad brow shaping kit blog review

Hi lovelies! so today's review is on the Eye and Brow shaping kit, by the ever so popular, Designer brands by db, My chemist actually had it on sale for $10, usual retail price $15 so yes for saving some money. Better in my pocket than theirs right?

 So this is the over view of what you get in the pan, you get 3 eye brow colours, a highlight colour and a eye lid colour. You get an eye brow pencil, brush applicator and tweezers.  The tweezers are actually what impressed me the most, I love a good set of tweezers! I also love how they have their own spot to be placed, safe and sound and stowed away for when you use them next.

I rather like the design of the packaging in its browns and mustard colourings, the size is good, and you get a decent amount of product.
 The actual brow powder and wax go so well together, the wax isn't sticky, and is long wearing, and literally grooms my brows into place! my brows basically would blow around in the wind otherwise!
 This swatch is of the three brow shades, light, medium and dark, they are a warm brown in tone, but seem to work for my colouring which is good.
 This is the highlight, swatch of the eye lid colour and the eye brow pencil. The highlight is lovely! shimmery but not glittery in your face.
So the actual kit is very good value for money, cruelty free brand, and generally easy to find in select chemists.

Good for travelling
cost effective
very pigmented
long wearing

Packaging feels a bit cheap

So that's my thoughts on this! have any of you tried this?

hugs Jess

Saturday, January 23, 2016

my positives for dating the older man!

So my partner and I have been together for nearly 10 years! well, its 9 and a half years but I reckon nearly 10 years sounds better, ha ha. Oh the relationship goals. But this post is actually for those who are, or wanting to date an older man. My man is actually 10 years older than me, I'm now 31, so you can work out the maths. This post was actually inspired by the lovely Sassytoni, who wrote her version, she has no idea I'm writing this, but it just resonated with me so much. So here are my pros of dating an older man.

1. They are a better love maker 

Its true! they are past the 20 something age group where they just want a quickie and wham bam thank you mam! he now actually wants to please me, and wants to enjoy the act of lovemaking as much as I do. This is important because we generally know as women, we take longer to climax than most men. They are also past the grabbing and poking stage, I hated it when boys, I say boys because of the age difference, loved grabbing at my nipples, etc.

2. They are past looking at others

I find the older the man, the more committed he gets, they are usually past the commitment phobia stage and are willing to find the one to settle with. I don't mean by compromising and just settling but they know what they are wanting, and they are past the flirting and the drive that gets them to think they are missing out on something else.

3. The parents will embrace him

I found this because the age he is at, they realised he wasn't just after some casual affair and he was wanting to look after me, he also had the means to look after me, which made them feel comfortable as well, because lets face it, the 20 something year old wage generally doesn't cut it. He will usually want to look after things, and know what he's doing with money.

4. He can be so reassuring 

I find with age, comes wisdom and he is usually very on point when he's calming me down, or trying to impress me with his knowledge about something, or other. He will love to try and surprise me with some interesting fact, and he cheers me up with quotes and titbits. 

5. He's stopped dropping towels and undies on the floor

I know this is a random one! but he's not so lazy when it comes to cleaning, he gets things done around the house, and knows actually how to mow the lawns, and trim the hedge. This is great because it means I don't need to nag, or resent him, because he's not doing his share of the work, he even does the dishes! 

6. He knows what a vagina looks like! 

So before me, he's had a few partners, I accept that, comes with the territory of actually being 10 years older than me. This means he knows the layout of the vagina, where to look for, and is comfortable with exploring! he also doesn't complain about taste, or smell. There is nothing more off putting during the intimate act, and hearing you taste weird! 

So they are my 6 reasons about why dating an older man is worthwhile! more than worthwhile really. Let me know what your experiences have been? what your pro's are! has dating an older partner, been good for you?

hugs Jess

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kmart makeup Fifth avenue Christmas sets

Hi lovelies! today I have some exciting purchases that I have made! I love kmart shopping, and I feel that I have said that before, in a blog post here, oops. but I do! I go into Kmart a few times a week, so I'm obsessed, but let me show you my purchases, this will be another show and tell type of blog post so I hope you enjoy!

Fifth avenue had brought these sets out for Christmas and they were rather expensive I thought, but still decent value, but I held off, the one with the brushes was originally $20 but they had it on clearance at $10, the lipstick set was $6, and the mascara eye shadow set was $7, so obviously they were marked 50% off.
Is it just me or does the gold round packaging make you think of Milani? also the quality is just as good as Milani cosmetics so for the bargain prices I paid, I think we have an aussie competitor for Milani now! The blush is called Berry Parfait, and the highlight is called Goddess, I wanted the Peach parfait one but they had run out, I'll try and get that on the weekend.
How pretty is the highlight though? I always love a good gold highlight! and this one is so pretty. I was so excited for the lipstick set, and the colours are stunning! the actual lipgloss is quite pigmented which I'm surprised about, usually I hate glosses cause its just gloss, not colour. Lipgloss is called Heavenly, Lipstick is called Rose. I think the colours really present well, and compliment one another well.

That was all I opened from the sets, now also from Kmart I picked up this pastel cute cushion, it was on clearance from $5 to $3 and I purchased the last two there, I collect fox things and just had to have these!

What have you purchased lately from Kmart?

hugs Jess

Friday, January 15, 2016

Floral denim thrifted fashion

Hi lovelies, so today I thought I'd do a fashion post, quite the spur of the moment thing for me, as I don't really do, fashion. However I really liked the outfit I was wearing yesterday and thought I'd show you! all of these items are thrifted as well, so I love thrifted fashion posts, and I hope you do to!

 Let me just say I don't wear dresses, normally! I feel usually very insecure in a dress and I don't know how to be, in them. But this dress, is so comfy, and very flattering. I love the floral in the monochrome colours.I love that its cotton, and light and flouncy without showing off too much, I still find it stylish though.

total cost of outfit
The jacket cost me $7,
Dress cost me $4
Leggings $3
 The denim really brings it together I think, and the black beads help with the neckline shaping, usually in dresses I feel like I'm out of place. I love how structured and fitted the denim jacket is, it almost looks tailored.
 I paired it up with my black leggings, and it makes for a smart casual outfit, perfect for my work, shopping or anywhere really.
I've been really trying to branch out of my fashion rut, which is jeans and a t-shirt, so hence why I'm usually uncomfortable in a dress.

what have you been wearing lately?

hugs Jess

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lol bronzing powder brown sugar

Hello lovelies! today I wanted to show you a product I have been, obsessed with lately! its a bronzer, and its super affordable, from Kmart. Who doesn't love kmart shopping? I'm pretty sure I go in, twice a week!

This super affordable bronzer is by Lol(lots of love) and its the sister company to Bys cosmetics. The range costs $2, and the shade is brown sugar.

 So the packaging is nothing to go by, its boxy, and cheap, but for its price what do you expect? but the actual product itself, is pigmented and easy to blend, for me its on the cooler shade which is great for pale girls like myself.
 I love a bronzer that gives warmth and definition back to my face and that is what this bronzer does! I also use it as a crease colour for my eye shadow.
 It stays all day long, and is able to be built up without looking like a cake face! for me the undertone of it works well, I'm a very pale girl, and rarely tan much at all, so to find a bronzer that isn't too orange based is a blessing.
so over all I'm quite impressed with the lol brand! they have a range of products, and I'll ceretainly be trying out more soon, what have you tried from Lol?

hugs Jess

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lush haul Maypole, Old father time and Rockstar soaps

Hi lovelies! today I'm showing you what I purchased from Lush! I picked up 3 soaps, one of which was on sale as their Christmas stuff, what they had left over was half price. They didn't have much, but I picked up, what I could!  I actually got a good selection, I feel in scents and prettiness and textures in these soaps. Sadly I don't have a bathtub so it means I don't use their bath bombs, but I do use their soaps and body washes.

 I picked up old father time, Maypole and Rockstar, which are all unique and different in their own way.I picked up Old father time because it was stunning! a gold face, numbers to represent an actual clock, and the different blue hues that sweep inside of it make it look very steampunk like or even utopia like, and an original scent that, literally blew my mind.
 Opopnax, myrrh, rosewood, tuber rose, fresh sage and thyme infusion, gold glimmer lustre, makefor such an interesting combination! I haven't used these soaps as yet, so its basically a show and tell right now.
 Maypole a new and minty addition to their soap range! I actually assumed it would smell like watermelon when I first put my nose to it, how wrong was I! and I adore mint smells too, so I was happily surprised. Canadian maple syrup, peppermint oil, and coconut oil will make it an interesting soap to try!
 I fell head over heals in love with the Rockstar soap after I was given a sample piece to try awhile ago, I went back and bought a proper sized soap. It's fab candy-pink hue, and a scent like no other, it literally perfumes my whole bathroom, not that my bathroom is all that big, but you get my meaning here! Coconut, Vanilla, is the perfect combination in my mind!
I love lush soaps! so so much, what are your favourites or purchases as of late? find my haul here on youtube!
lush haul on youtube

Hugs Jess

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Melbourne shopping day in pictures

hi guys here's my day out yesterday in pictures! plus sneaky peak at vlog too at the end. Hope you enjoy! let me know what you got up to!

First up was lunch, I got the steak and cheese subway, from Subway of course haha, it was so so yummy. I got the honey oat bun.
 Whenever I shop with Mel as she's from Geelong, we always go to Starbucks, this time I tried the strawberry and cream frap and it was so good, I normally get a latte.
 our tradition is taking a cheesy pic together at Starbucks haha.
 next we went shopping at Lush! I bought two soaps, Maypole and Old father time, I adore lush products.

 how pretty are the bathbombs? love taking photos of them, sadly I haven't got a bath though!
 Then Mel wanted to shop for workout gear, she's really into getting fit,
 and of course we had a break and a snack,
 Then we went to Daiso! I love this store and will be going back in a few weeks
 Saw some artist doing floor art, or busking art not sure what but it was so pretty!
my vlog! subscribe

what are you getting up to?

Hugs Jess

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nivea lip butter raspberry rose

Hi lovelies! today I'm posting my thoughts about this pretty little product, from Nivea! I'm sure you've all seen them by now, if not where have you been living? If you know anything about me by now, is that I love a good lip product. Lately I've been suffering from really, dry lips, to the point they are sore and peeling. Not attractive! but I found this in my handbag again, and have been using it daily!

I found this at Coles supermarket on sale, I don't think its actually available there now, which is so so sad. I use this as a primer for lipsticks that are known to be drying. It smooths out any unwanted lines, and makes the staying power of the lipstick, longer.
 The texture of the lip balm is light, and absorbs well into the lips, so it actually doesn't just sit on top like most lip balms. The scent is sweet, a bit of a mixture between Raspberry, and rose which is nice. Not sickly sweet. Available in a flat, round tin, which is good for travelling however I find it hard to open sometimes. It's not slimy on the lips, and its not glossy either, even though it is slightly tinted pink. What I do like is that, the scent doesn't linger, I find some lip scents to be harsh on my sensitive lips.

I have found, a little goes a long way with this product, and it has so far lasted me ages! which is great cause I'd hate to run out of it any time soon.
 I found for the price, the size and the quality of this item makes it a fantastic beauty must have for those who love lipcare products. I keep going back to it, so it must mean that its good. I'm always a sucker for pretty products that actually do work well!

I also have the caramel kiss one, as well, but I've been leaning more towards this as of late! 

have you tried these? 

Hugs Jess

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dupe alert maryloumanizer the balm and boe beauty

Hi lovelies! well I think you should all know by now, that I love a good highlighter! and Maryloumanizer by the balm is by far, one of the best. However not only do I love a good makeup product, I love a bargain!

 Mary loumanizer is an iconic beauty product that every gal should have in her kit! I however don't use this on a daily basis because of how expensive it gets to import into Australia. So when I stumbled across another product, by Boe beauty, they have a range that is $2 and a more expensive range, I was shocked when I found out these two products are actually very similar.
 Similar in size, compact shape obviously, and the product itself, the boe beauty one is a fair bit cheaper looking than its counterparts but that's a given being only, $2. Surprisingly for $2 the consistency of this highlighter, is actually really amazing. It feels similar to the mary lou one, in when first applied however, it can look glittery but, I blend it out with an Elf small tapered blending brush.
 in the pan they look basically the same! just the difference being Boe on the skin is slightly more glittery, however with careful blending it looks the same as Marylou manizer. Which is amazing being, shall I say it again? for $2.

I really feel that they are very similar, texture and on application they apply smooth, and are both pigmented.

What are your thoughts on this dupe?
hugs Jess

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