Monday, January 2, 2017

a day in pictures recap

2016 has been a challenging year, I finished and completed my vce certificate which is my highschool certificate. It might not sound like much but as an adult who has bipolar depression and chronic pain issues, it was a challenge! but I studied part time, and even though it took a few years, I got there, it's now under my belt as an accomplishment, and I move onto the next chapter. I'll be studying certificate in Library and cultural services this year, starting in February.

Things can happen unplanned, but still for a reason, I've started my own pet sitting business! I had a couple of pet sitting gigs over the holidays and found that I loved it, it had interesting up's and downs, but I still loved getting to know the furbabies and the house that I had responsibility over.
 This picture was taken from my friends snapchat because I'm there as a total surprise, I didn't realise I'd made such an impact and I wanted to remember this moment. I'm in the pic next to the baby girl. School friends are important, they help you get through. Find who you are, even as an adult I'm 32 and I'm still finding out who I am.
 Christmas Day was spent with Family and being comfortable as it was a stinking hot day! I made a cute cuddly friend though, Teddy Dog.
 Eating good food, sharing memories with loved ones, and realising what's possible when I put my mind to it, I never thought it could be.
 Bipolar depression still has its moments, I'm still learning, still becoming self aware, but that's the challenge for 2017.
 What are your new years hopes or goals I don't do resolutions. but I hope you all had a fantastic 2016 and enjoyed this recap post.
 Pet sitting is now a new obsession of mine haha, it can take you to some incredible places, I'm loving different opportunities right now.
 Hopefully 2017 is kind and with respect, we end 2016, but I believe that challenges are there for a reason.
hugs and love
Jess xx

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