Thursday, January 12, 2017

a drugstore instagram glow that's cruelty free!

I'm Jess and I'm obsessed with instagram and highlighters, combine the two and you get that instagram glow, but what do you do when your on a budget? I go shopping in my local mall and come across a drugstore brand.
I have always been a fan of
of Designer brands by Db and always get sucked into limited edition holiday makeup, so when Db launched their Christmas stuff I restrained and decided to only buy one thing and that was the highlighting palette, As I said this was a limited edition palette and is sold out online however if your lucky enough duck into your Terry Whites chemist as that is where I found mine and they might still have stock. I paid $15 which I think is fantastic value for the quality and size of this palette.

Designer brands by db are known for doing dupes of higher end brands at a lower price and also being cruelty free. The reason I love all these shades is because its has so many uses, adding it under your foundation, you can create a pretty and healthy glow from within. Layer it on top of a liquid highlighter and you will be glowing to the gods!

You can easily mix and match the different tones of highlight, use them as a bronzer, a blush, even as an eye shadow so many uses in these multi coloured palettes.

 I had high hopes for this palette and was impressed that I wasn't looking like a disco ball when I applied it to my face, and you can add more or have it looking natural depending on what your wanting to achieve, if you want that instagram glow you've got that right in this handy palette. Also the size of this palette will have it lasting for ever! the quality of the powder is finally milled, no powdery kickback and the brush that it came with is actually surprisingly soft and good value as well.
I have oily combo skin and texture on my skin as well so I was happy with the way that this highlighter sat on my skin, it didn't add to any issues I had concerns about and didn't settle into any fine lines.  As you can see in these swatches they are highly reflective, non glittery and just stunning shades. I used natural lighting by my window to take these swatches. Very pigmented as this was only one finger swipe.
This is what the highlight looks like in natural lighting on my face, I have fair skin and love all the shades so much, this was the silvery shade and the golden shade mixed together used with a fan brush to apply.
the cost is affordable
cruelty free
great quality
good for most skin tones

limited edition

Let me know what you think of the instagram highlighting trend and what you use to highlight! don't forget to give us a follow to get more posts! 



  1. Oh my god, the colours look amazing! I've never heard of Db before, is it an Australian brand? eeeek, so pretty!

    Katie |

  2. thanks girl! yes Db is an australian brand, their sister companies are also savvy by db which you may have seen in priceline? love this highlighter palette so much! xx


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