Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mash up the berries Australis lipstick colour inject review and lipswatches

Happy Monday all! is there such a thing haha, but to bring a post to the start of the week, I thought I'd do lip swatches of my new favourite shade, by Australis cosmetics. Mash up colour inject lipstick. I managed to pick up this shade and a few other goodies for $4 each at Priceline, and they have really blown me away.  Lipsticks can be brought here on Priceline's website Australis lipsticks link

The formula of the Mash up lipstick is very creamy, opaque and lasts quite a long time on the lips without drying or feathering. They have a very subtle sweet scent but it disappears after a little while. The shade literally sung to me, the purple orchid shade, is a stunning colour on my pale skin but I believe would look amazing on deeper skin tones. I love love, love the shade range, and the fact that you can almost forget you are wearing the lipsticks, because they are actually very nourishing.
 It's a more glossy finish, but not over the top sticky, or moves on the lips and is very hydrating and comfortable to wear. I found the pigment very opaque on the first swipe and I'll be collecting more of these lipsticks. It dries down to a semi gloss finish, which I believe is why it is so long wearing on the lips. Easy to apply, no pulling or tugging, and no cleaning up around the edges unlike liquid matte lipsticks, at least for me anyway!
 This shade is a  fantastic berry shade that I feel you can wear in any season, not just Winter, it adds a healthy pop of colour to the face. Also it matches my purple glasses, so that is another bonus tip for me, accidentally accessorizing.
So if you are after a different but wearable shade, then Mash up could be for you
! it's cruelty free, formula is long lasting and doesn't migrate to half way across your face. The packaging has been revamped from the original sloping top to a now straight tube. I find it travels well, and its secure in the bullet, closes nicely and I'm not worried about it making an awful mess in my bag.
 Price point is excellent for the quality, I believe under $15 and its $13.95 but often in the clearance bins at Priceline for $4 or less, and can be found at Kmart, Priceline, Target, and Coles supermarkets.
Have you tried any of Australis lipsticks before?
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