Sunday, January 15, 2017

my perfect weekend makeup look, for the lazy girl, a take on Lolita makeup

Hi lovelies! today's post is of me showing my latest favourite style of makeup, and that is a take on an Asian trend, Lolita makeup is very cute and girlie and almost a brighter style of makeup but not being over the top. In my eyes, its literally my perfect lazy girls weekend makeup to looking, fresh, flawless and fun. Perfect for a Friday. I opted to skip doing an eye liner, but the blush pulls the look together in that kawaii way.

 The products I used, were 6 out of 8 being mostly cruelty free, I'm still transitioning into a cruelty free lifestyle, and am still finding my way in cruelty free foundations etc. But the products I used today are Maybelline 24 hour super stay foundation, I love this shade, its perfect for me, and makes my skin look porcelain and lasts all day.

I'm also using up some products in this in my panning project, I've set my foundation with my profusions setting powder which I'm starting to hit major pan on, to conceal under my eyes and brighten I used the Australis cosmetics cream contour palette and the formula of the cream is perfect for hiding under eye bags and correcting darkness.

The Model co lash and line two in one mascara and liquid liner gives the illusion of fuller looking lashes.
 Models prefer eye shadow and blush kit, I used the blush higher up on my cheeks than normal and whilst its pigmented its not clownish. I also filled in my eye brows in a more straight shape, I forgot to picture it but its mode cosmetics eye brow pencil in black, also cruelty free so that's actually 7 products.
 The glocomation highlighter by w7 is one of my favourites, opting to use it in the inner corner of my eyes, and brow bone, I also highlighted my cheeks. Under my eyes I used the pretty lilac from the models prefer blush and eye shadow palette to bring light and colour.
 These three products give my skin a porcelain like finish, without being cakey or over the top and lasts all day for my oily skin, which I love, the profusions powder can be sometimes found at the reject shop and other $2 stores. I love the coverage the Maybelline super stay foundation gives, and it sets down to a nice matte finish. Which looks great in photos.
 The chichi liquid matte lipstick in drama queen gives a mode flirty look which is great for the weekend and I think pulls the look together. I also created space buns to give the illusion that I did something with my hair, its the look I go for when I can't be bothered straightening my mop!
 also props for the lipstick matching my glasses!
what's your favourite look for a casual weekend?
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