Sunday, January 29, 2017

my top 9 tips on doubling your instagram followers in a week! it works

Hi lovelies, today I thought I'd write my top five tips on how to double your instagram followers, in a week! this has happened to me, and I'm happy to say these tips work! If you're wondering how to grow your instagram, get out of an instgram funk, or get followers to become more active and interact with you, this is the way I did it! so keep reading.

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Tip 1. 
timing, find out who your audience is, where they live, and what times they are usually on, I've found for me my best hits are first thing in the morning or late at night because most of my followers are American

Tip 2.
 Be genuine, don't try and create a false life that is all happy and smiles, be you, be real, because I do believe there has been a shift in Instagram as of late, the new trend is connecting with others and wanting to feel involved.

Tip 3. 
Join challenges! I bet you never thought of that, monthly challenges are all the rage at finding new followers, either because its forcing you to create content, be active in the community and find new ways of exposing your account. Challenges can be in any genre, I often do a monthly makeup challenge, but they can be shorter than that if you find a month too daunting.

Tip 4. 
Always try and improve your photos, I've been using natural lighting, but found it better to take my photos in the afternoon when the light is warmer. I've brought instagram flat lay props, and have even diy'ed my own flatlay table to look like marble. Editing apps can help, I use picsart as its free and has everything I need.

Tip 5
. Always try and find genres
that you are genuinely interested on, this helps being active in the community and makes you seem like a "real" person,

Tip 6.
If you haven't switched to a business account on instagram, try it, you get analytics on your top posts, what users want to see from you, and you get an inside look at what is doing best on your page. It's free and you can easily switch back to personal if you find you don't enjoy that side of instagram.

Tip 7. 
If you are posting branded items I have found actually tagging the company in the photo has helped alot, I believe people like to know exactly who the brand is, and I always if I can link back to the brand itself.

Tip 8. 
Never feel obligated to do instagram, if you don't feel like actually posting, then don't force yourself to do so, people can guage even through a photo how you are feeling, if your forcing yourself to be creative when there is a block, a step back and a break might be in order so you can refresh yourself and your feed again. I do feel like the new trend on instagram is you being you, so don't try and force yourself to do anything you wouldn't do.

Tip 9. 
I've found actually adding a watermark on my photos has made my photos look like I actually care about them, and they seem more valuable to me, so that means followers see that you actually care about your photos, rather than just snapping away and banging it on instagram. I use picsart for it, and just use my name in my instagram.

So these are my tips on how I have upped my game in Instagram! let me know yours in the comments below.

Hugs Jess


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