Tuesday, January 24, 2017

what hppened when I told my best friend I vlog!

I was inspired after reading this blog about, Corinne a blogger telling her mum she actually does in fact blog, to write my own take on telling my friends and family that I vlog. Corrine's telling her mum she blogs

I find it funny that in 2017 people haven't caught up in the world of technology and videos, and in fact youtube. I'm always being asked what I'm doing, what I'm filming, why I film it and how I film it. Essentially, I'm a vlogger, I've just reached my first 1000 subscribers on youtube and its an amazing feeling, I put a lot of effort, and hours into my content that most viewers wouldn't realise even happened. But there is a strange limbo between reality, vlogging and the whole in between factors. I thought I would share my experience in what its like, telling friends and family that I actually do youtube and vlog.

I was recently at my best friends 50th birthday over the weekend and she instantly gave me permission to vlog the occasion, without me having to go, oh do you mind me vlogging the day!

So the reason why I find it scary telling people is, I guess because I'm 32 years old, and I'm worried about people telling me to grow up, do something my own age. But I find this is a great creative outlet. I've met friends in real life and online, that I normally wouldn't have, and I'm always learning something.

First off people often go what does vlog even mean! to me vlogging is telling a story about your day, your adventure, holiday, and capturing the essence of it. But telling that to non vlog viewers and watching their eyes glaze over, is a bit disheartening. Technically vlog is video blog, a video log about you, your story. I choose to vlog events, my life, moods etc and I believe that has helped me create a niche in my youtube hobby.

I told my mum I did vlogging when I was filming my brother, coincidently, and she's all ok that's cool I just don't want to be filmed! Often times though when my friends are involved and having fun, others who don't want to be filmed don't even realise they are being filmed or want to join in on the action!

I find that telling people is actually more easy than what it first thought I'd imagined it to be like! and most people are either curious or not that bothered by it anyways.

Do you do youtube? and do you tell people about it? you can find my latest vlog here where I tell my girlfriends son that I do youtube!

let me know your youtube channel below
mine is my youtube channel my vlog where I told my besties son I vlog

let me know what you have been scared to tell others about!

hugs Jess

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