Wednesday, February 1, 2017

$80 foundation shu uemura against the Australis 16 hour foundatio $16 and trying the silisponge does it work

Hi guys today I'm roadtesting the Shu uemura face architect foundation which can be brought online for $60-$80 against the Australis stay put foundation from priceline $16. I also roadtest the silisponge which was gifted for review purposes! This is the original silisponge by Molly cosmetics, and was sent for pr purposes. All opinions are my own.

 So I tried out the silisponge yesterday and am in between opinions at the moment, I find it hard to actually blend out a thicker foundation, but if its the watery type base of foundation, then it works really well. It drags along the skin a little, I worked out that downward strokes work best, and some slight patting motions. I'm going to have to try it with concealer yet to really test out its capabilities.
 It doesn't smell, it does give a more full coverage foundation and you do actually use less product as it claims. I am unsure of the hygiene aspect as yet but I'm sure its probably better than the beauty blender because it doesn't absorb bacteria you can wipe it straight off, with an antibacterial wipe or wash it.
I tested it out with the Shu uemura face architect foundation and the Australis 16 hour long wear foudation, the Shu uemura one is spf 18 and the Australis is spf 15 so about the same in my opinion, they are both very yellow toned foundations, which is great for covering up redness and dark under eyes. The consistency is both pretty much the same, and the dry down to a demi matte finish on the skin. I found when using the silisponge it took longer to blend around the eyes, the nose and any littel crevices that seemed prominent. However it did leave a nice finish when settled into the skin. 
 I did left side Australis foudation, right side Shu uemura foundation, and I'm pretty sure they work as a dupe for each other, as both are pretty similar in colour, texture as well as coverage. Both are medium to full coverage and are buildable. They are a little bit too yellow toned without powder on my skin but I use powder normally to fix that up, I didn't this time to give it a fair go.
 I used a bit of Australis strobing highlighter and was finished with the look! over all I think the sponge did a good job. Would I personally buy one? probably not because it takes longer and I'm going to have to experiment with the way I apply my foundation, but pros is that it does give a fuller coverage without having to use as much product.
Have you thought of trying these foundations or the silisponge?
let me know in the comments

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