Monday, February 6, 2017

my February every day makeup Routine for school 2017

Hi lovelies,
today I am sharing my every day makeup routine that is full coverage, long lasting, drugstore and affordable, so for me, it ticks all the boxs! I love my sleep, and waking up over coffee, I try and plan things the night before like my hair, so its not a wild mess the next morning. It doesn't often work out but I have to tame the wild mop somehow, I'll do a hair post another time, shall I? but this is my every day makeup look for school, I go to school at a college, I'm learning Library services so I feel like I want to look put together, polished, and professional. But by adding a few tweaks it can also be jazzed up for the perfect date night or office party look!

 So to start with my Base, I use designer brands by db pore minimising primer, I love this stuff! so cheap and works so well,  I use the ELF that Kmart brought out, the FACE makeup is full coverage, lasts all day and hydrating, I set it with the Maybelline fit me powder that I am absolutely obsessed about, for my oily skin, literally lasts all day, no fading what so ever, and I was at school from 9:00 am till 5;00 pm and I did my makeup at 7:30 am. I want my makeup to last without touching up too often because I'm very lazy. So I move onto concealing the designer bags under my eyes, see what I did there? because I used designer brands correct and coverage concealer and let me tell you, this is full coverage. I love me a yellow toned concealer and foundation to help brighten and cover up my redness. I contour, highlight and blush with the Rimmel Kate moss contour kit in the shade Coral Glow.

In this photo you can see I added a wing, I struggle with wings let me tell you but if I chuck my mode cosmetic liquid eye liner in my bag, I turn my eye look into yass ma'm I use the contour kit in as my eye shadow! the brown in on my lids, and the highlight to add sparkle and highlight! I also make the lipgloss matte by adding a little translucent powder on the top.

I fully suggest trying out the I got the shade light, and its perfect on my fair skin tone, it doesn't oxidise and literally lasts all day.

 Next onto the Maybelline lustre lipgloss in the shade mandarin rapture! its a stunning orange, coral shade that's so on trend! this is amazing, full pigmented and so many colours, non sticky and not as formal feeling as a matte liquid lipstick. Eye brows I used my essence make me brow crayon and maybelline brow drama mascara to set in place.
to change up the look I throw in my hand bag a few different lipglosses or lipsticks and my base can change my whole look! it literally only takes me 15 minutes to get ready. I also love adding a perfume of the day and my current favourite is Chichi cosmetics peach and Mango, I get so  compliments wearing it! for mascara I use the w7 tripple drama mascara in blackest black, its amazing, cheap and doesn't flake.
This is literally the same base of makeup I do every day for school, and slight changes can really amp up or play down the makeup look!

have you gone back to school? what's your favourite products let me know in the comments


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